I think the most uncomfortable thing about dealing with Gamers™ and all the crap people are making for them, is how it's just the antithesis to hacker culture

People who define their entire identities by consumption, pride themselves on who can spend the most, consume the most, like kids on a playground waving their shiny toys about

All while worshipping and vigorously defending every whim of the corporations whose underpaid workers produced it, and fight holy wars in the name of brand loyalty

@embr Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Nothing wrong with enjoying an entertainment product, but I’ve never really understood why so many people seem to want to build a sense of identity or social selfhood derived so specifically or narrowly from their consumption habits, as you say. 🤔

@embr I once read that “being a geek” was about reappropriating the media culture by tinkering with it (fan fiction, etc.) and/or by analyzing it in the same scholarly way you would with the culture of the upper class.
So, in that sense, Gamers™ aren’t proper geeks either.

@embr I'd also add that in my experience, the entire gamer space is so thoroughly colonized by the alt-right that even being in it very long leaves me feeling gross. Like, the language, the culture, the _everything_ there reeks of Nazis.

@embr i showed this to my friend, here's their response
> "I think the most uncomfortable thing about dealing with Hackermen™ and all the crap they do, is how they don't realize that they do exactly what they're against all the time. People who define themselves by being smart and independent of big industries use exactly what big companies produce to run everything they use. All while fiercely thinking they're going against the status quo." This is me trying to use that guy's style of writing and showing how it can be done with literally any group.
> Like it's not hard to make another group seem brainless or whatever.
@embr so much easier than ever being actualized, stuffing oneself with media decocted like victorian gelatin, tailor-made for the uncritical cave-dwellers capitalism expects the average consumer to be
@embr It's the same with every hobby. The schism will always exist between the crafty people and the spendy people.
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