@embr the important question, given a teapot, is: Does the water flow well? And, when stopping to pour, does it properly stop or do some drop drip out potentially causing tea stains?

(I bought an IKEA teapot, and oh boy are they bad at water flow! OTOH and old Japanese third-hand cast iron teapot has a very excellent and satisfying flow, so if the Utah has good flow, I'm buying one)

@aperezdc yep, I bought it for the novelty, but it's a surprisingly good actual teapot, the snout doesn't even have stains on it despite my tendency to overfill it

@embr now *that* was the kind of review I was hoping for, thanks a ton! :blobaww:

embr 🐉

@aperezdc you're welcome!

the normie name for it is a "melitta" teapot, if you didn't know, I got mine off eBay: ebay.de/itm/174664900844

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