why'd they name a city after a haskell compiler anyway

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@embr *heavy scottish accent*

awrigh' pal? you no fray roond here or summin, yer lookin' a wee bit glaikit there. wassat? the big arrow-equals thing over the bus stayshin? aye, 's called a mawnad, aye, iss fer sequensin' yer compootayshins.

wut? awwww, ahm sorry mate, i think you got the wrong bus, this isnae glesga. aye, thisizz the haskuwl cumpiluh toon, ya musta got the nummer Nil bus by acciden'.

@timezone Whoah, my decoder gets to its limits there, but i think I got it 🙃

@embr whuh? the nummer "Nil" bus? aye, y'know, the first piano nummer, but not like a musicuwl piano. 's like anothur zero or summin.

ehhh, don' worry aboot it, jus' go stan' over at the first stance in the bus stayshin and look fer a bus what says glesga onnit, they're like twice an hour or so. oh and the busses roun' here dinnae have fixed points, so yull get back tae glesga evenchully.

@embr oh, it might take a wee while to get back tho, right? see the busses take a right scenic route, so they do, and the sumtimes on'y stop when somewan wants tae get aff the bus, so ya migh' need to keep an eye out fer the right stop. if yeh get stuck, the driver'll prolly be able ta give ya a shout when i'ss your stop.

safe travels, pal, awlright?

@embr hmm... ah hope tha' nice dragon lady gets home okay, these bus drivers roun' here can be right lazy bastards sometimes...


@embr you think that's something, some dude literally named himself after haskell!

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