bad: master/slave
better: leader/follower
uwsgi: the emperor process manages vassals. running it as root is called tyrant mode.
vassal configuration is discovered by imperial monitors. you can get metrics from the imperial bureau of statistics

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> Broodlord (taken from Starcraft, like Zerg mode mode) is a way for a vassal to ask for β€œreinforcements” to the Emperor.

uWSGI also doesn't have leader elections, it has Legions, "groups of nodes constantly fighting for domination". The node with the highest Valor is the Lord of the Legion.

@faho it's amazing and also dates back to like 2010, before we finally managed to agree that master/slave terminology is bad

i've also just been reminded that when the emperor exits, it logs something very ominous about slaughtering vassals


@embr If the emperor dies, all the vassals die.
If a vassal dies for any reason, the emperor will respawn it.

They full on went with the analogy πŸ˜‚


@Pixdigit when the emperor is shutting down, it logs "**** RAGNAROK EVOKED!! ****"

@embr I was planning to use master/minion because supervillains but this is so much better.

@alexbuzzbee you can still try to one-up its shutdown log message:


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