@embr Unfowtunyatewy, wunnying the scwipt on itsewf yiewds unyusabwe wesuwts. Pwease fix owo

$ dmesg | hewwo

Bwuetooth: hci0: Waiting fow fiwmwawe downwoad to compwete
Bwuetooth: hci0: Fiwmwawe woaded in 1564363 usecs
Bwuetooth: hci0: Waiting fow device to boot
Bwuetooth: hci0: Device booted in 10933 usecs
Bwuetooth: hci0: Found Intew DDC pawametews: intew/ibt-11-5.ddc
Bwuetooth: hci0: Appwying Intew DDC pawametews compweted

@embr I will use this to generate an uwu localisation for my game. thank you

@embr I want to scream at you for this, but I can't because I clearly remember when I was a teenager making a script to print characters one at a time (or one word at a time) typewriter / hollywood movie style and literally the first I did with that was pipe dmesg into it

oops i fowgot s/ove/uv/g, but i fixed it ^w^

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