🧙‍♀️ Happy witch pride month! 🎃

embr 🐉

✨ October rain survival tip: just wear your biggest witch hat; my top is completely dry queer.af/media/y8cf4vJPgViBgzW

And by the way - it helps against all those cameras surrounding you - they cannot spot your face.

@embr serious question: how to you combine it with the headphones in the picture? That's what stopped me wearing hats :(

@rami unfortunately, the answer is "I don't" ;; I have a pair of earplugs I use instead and just put these around my neck by habit

@embr @rami The world needs hat-compatible headphones!

@franzi @rami agree

I need me ones that somehow work the way Futaba Sakura wears hers queer.af/media/eiBQyFgfyXlkGi7

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