My Curious Cat crossposter is up and running! You can sign up here:

Once you've created your account and set everything up, anything you post to your Curious Cat will automatically be crossposted to your Mastodon account! :blobcathappy:

feedback is super duper appreciated! if there are any bugs or improvements you'd like or anything, don't hesitate to let me know! 0u0

embr 🐉

@lynnesbian Why does it require me to both log in with mastodon *and* create a local account? You'd think one of the two would be enough

@embr yeah i guess so. i can't remember why i chose this but i did

@lynnesbian now it's 502ing trying to connect to a curiouscat account :(

@embr aaa i'm so sorry i thought it would work right off the bat
try going to /home and redoing the connection process

@embr just checked the database and it looks like it went through successfully actually

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