You: "What do you mean open source software reeks of elitism and toxicity?"

Arch Linux:

@embr I should put some more effort into the nix config on my personal laptop.
I usually just use my work laptop so I don't get around to it a lot

@spacekookie @embr

I really like Arch Linux.
But I would not consider myself as a elitist or expert in anyway. I maybe not a newbie either.

I certainly would not change my distro, but try to fight this elitism from within. Either by pursuing the elitists to reflect their behavior or to show the opposite to the newbies and give the impression of open mindedness towards others.

@patrik @embr I'm a woman in open source. My entire life is banging my head against sexist, elitist, toxic and shitty institutions and people.

I have to deal with abuse and condescending behaviour every _single_ day.

There are limits to how much energy I have to deal with shit 😬 I wish you a lot of luck though, Linux communities really need to change...

@spacekookie @embr

I am deeply sorry to hear that you do not get respected. It's a shame and I really hope that you are going to endure until the communities adapted to living in 2018...

embr πŸ‰

@patrik @spacekookie unfortunately, at some point, most realise it's just not worth it, because the probem is too systemic. these people will fight any attempt to make things more civil (eg. CoCs), especially if championed by a woman, who's inevitably seen as an "intruder" into their testosterone-fueled heck cave

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@embr @patrik Thank you for typing the thing I no longer have the strength to type 😭 πŸ˜‚

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