Android keeps coming up with new excuses to *make noises* at me

Why does everything default to making the maximum amount of noise and why do I have to chase down more things to individually shut up every 5min, why is there no global shut up button I can have enabled at all times

Apparently stock Android just, does not have a silent mode, period, just do not disturb

My dumbphone from 6th grade had a silent mode, this platform is a trashfire

And there's a vibration from... one of these notifications. And a noise from another. I have no idea which ones, because they're in a seemingly random order, and none of these apps seem to do either consistently.

I spent Β£4 on DAVDroid to try to get my contacts back

It doesn't seem to work, but the contacts app decided that because I pulled down to refresh, it should ignore the fact that CONTACT SYNC IS DISABLED FOR MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT

Now I have *some* contacts

The out of date, mostly now incorrect set that was still on my Google account

That old dumbphone I mentioned would at this point be a more functional phone than this and I can't believe I actually miss it

I have no idea how to get rid of these contacts or stop them from coming back, because they're going to make a royal mess out of my contacts when I manage to get my actual ones to sync :|

@embr do they sell the new Nokia by you? It's about $60 USD and is literally just calls SMS and maps

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