I've been informed that this is not, in fact, Bluetooth, but Bluetooth Low Energy, which actually has very little to do with Bluetooth

That does explain a thing or two

The dump I have starts with an exchange of:

- what services do you have?
- handle 1 is an fff0 service
- include declarations(?)?
- none
- characteristics?
- handle 2 is a fff1 one, handle 3 is its value(I think?)
- what about handle 4
- it's an attribute

What I can figure out of Bluetooth semantics right now: you can ask it eg. "what services do you have?", the response has UUIDs for what kind of service this is, and "handles" for referring to it.

These are global, shared between all types of objects, and what you use to execute commands.

Currently trying to figure out how to capture Bluetooth data with Wireshark, my bluetooth adapter isn't showing up as a capture source :(

Here's the catch: the GATT collection only includes a single descriptor (0004), and it's not writable.

Wireshark shows that the app, when you toggle them off and on, sends a GATT Command write (0x52) to handle 0x0003, with value: 01 00 02 06 09 02 05 03.

I'm not sure how to coerce BlueZ to let me do this.

The protocol looks simple enough; it exposes a GATT service:


char0002 has flags: read, write-without-response and notify, the device has no manufacturer info, and all the UUIDs are generic

Therapist: And what do we do when we can't write to memory?
Me: Cast away const?
Therapist: NO

I have a pair of chinese rave glasses that can display scrolling text, bitmaps, or animations. They also make you look way too cool for school.

They speak Bluetooth to a shady APK, I've put it on a disconnected phone and I'm reverse engineering the protocol. queer.af/media/kPpwoBGP0l_uV41

I was gonna go to the hackspace and finish my hat, then bodies happened.

Instead, I'm doing some light Sunday reading.

β€ͺLike a normal person, I just googled β€œhair styles” trying to figure out what the options even are. All the results are painfully cishet fashion magazines, and a WP article on the history of hair.‬

β€ͺDesperate, I try autostraddle and ah, this is just as on its bullshit as I remember‬ queer.af/media/CCUkOmkZMMpdIx3

Luigi's Mansion contains a model for an unused playable version of Mario. A barely visible irregularity on one side of his mustache is, upon closer inspection, revealed to be a triangular hole. As the model is otherwise complete, the reason for the missing polygon is unknown. t.co/AcDGj3V930

β€ͺI feel like playing a Touhou game for the first time since like 2013, which one should I pick that isn't EoSD‬

β€ͺBonus points if you know it runs well on wine ‬

I just spent an hour trying to debug a problem that was solved by a `rustup update`

info: downloading component 'rls'
6.9 MiB / 6.9 MiB (100 %) 2.3 MiB/s in 2s ETA: 0s

I'm gonna end up learning the NATO alphabet by heart, just by having to read things over the phone to Mastercard

Especially my name and "Monzo"

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