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Urgent: any folks in Brussels can put me up for the night?

I missed my Eurostar and they gave me a ticket for tmoz but no hotel.

#belgium #brussels

oc commission, ai drifting around in a robot vacuum 

Who let Habit download themselves into the robot vacuum again ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Commissioned from who completely fucking nailed it holy shit, please check her art out

ooh, I didn't notice FFXII Zodiac Age got a patch that lets you change classes and refund all progression points

this is great because it's really easy to realise late in the game that you've shot yourself in the foot with your builds, and at that point you were just screwed

@deletescape this stuck with me and ended up being the most productive thing iโ€™ve done all day

Kamen Rider W says gay rights 

Today in Kamen Rider "yes homo" W

Philip and Shotaro have an emotional moment, realising how much they complete each other, and ride off into the distance while an insert song plays

Then make up a new transformation where they become one in body and soul, pull out a rainbow sword, and blow up a straight couple of villains with it

I thought I was gonna have to dig up fanfics for this stuff

eye contact with a symbol 

@axakatl told us all about r/somnivexillology yesterday so i took a peek at their top of all time and holy shit this banner titled "Protest banner of some kind of anarchist protest group" actually fuckin whips

op released it for public domain use in the comments, too

Very annoyed at TVDB having like, Kamen Rider OOO as a standalone show, while W is just "Kamen Rider (1971), Season 20"

I donโ€™t know who needs to hear this. But wanting to be a woman and being one is the same thing. Your conscious thoughts are more valid than your unconscious ones that spread doubt based on years of indoctrinated transphobia ๐Ÿ™.

sweden facts 

swedish people are sailors

in sweden you can't smoke weed, you have to smoke swedish drugs, like akvavit and chewing tobacco

Anyone with Pokemon Shield wanna trade me a Gible/Gabite/Garchomp for a Jangmo-o/Hakamo-o/Kommo-o or something?

current mood: wanting to hibernate until it gets warm again, preferably in a cosy cave somewhere :dragnsleep:

This meme is like 4 years old now but I'm going to post it again


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