Estradiol patches have now been out of stock nationally in the UK for at least half a year

it makes me feel a special kind of empowered to see a woman with an accent on a stage

I’m glad that unused whiteboards are universally accepted to be for shitposting

when a movie character has terrible opsec, but the story demands they get away with it, it’s plotsec

what sets it apart from my iPad, which I've tried to use for the same end, is that its battery lasts forever, and it doesn't have any other apps, UI or notifications to distract me

it's also small enough that I can slip it in a pocket, and e-ink is perfect for reading books on

my one complaint is how you can only use bluetooth headphones with the audiobook bit, and its bluetooth is a bit dodgy/doesn't like mine very much

but it does sync reading position to my phone if it has an internet connection, so I can just switch over to the app for listening

review of the kindle: I've had it for a month, and I've already finished two books on it

I'm a book lover cursed with ADHD, that's more than I've managed to do in the past two years

switching back and forth between book and audiobook is a feature I never knew I needed

I wanna do a game jam, I’ve never done one before

how do I find one?

I woke up, checked my phone, and I’m immediately going back to sleep

TIL if you press Alt+E in fish, you can edit commands in $EDITOR

Creating a summoning circle of bath salts around the bathtub drain in the hopes of John McAfee crawling through the pipes and unblocking it.

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