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Katamari Damacy Re-Roll review: almost the perfect version of the game, but doesn't have the delightfully cheesy English dub for the voiced cutscenes

how am I supposed to feel the cosmos like this?

I have a calendar event today just called "Scouse Day" and I don't know why, but I feel like I should congratulate @may

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@aral found this #smalltech exemplar via HN where it is described as:

"I'm struggling to put my shock into words. I've been around. There's engineering. There's academia. But this falls into straight-up wizardry."

"Everything she does has this level of jaw-dropping amazingness."

Redbean - single-file distributable web server

"redbean can serve 1 million+ gzip encoded responses per second on a cheap personal computer."

thinking about the times when my GP wanted to do a review of my migraine meds, and every time the exchange was just like

"so do you still need these?"
"yep, my chronic migraines are still chronic"

today is so beautiful, I can almost forget that other people can kill me by breathing in my general direction

Persona 5 Strikers is an elaborate cooking RPG where you travel around Japan, collecting local recipes and expanding your repertoire

there's also a dynasty warriors minigame you play to make money for ingredients

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