you, a fool: you wouldn't download a car

why do women use common lisp instead of scheme?

girls just wanna defun

a fun game I play in France is called

"You Got Bonjoured!"

you wait to pass someone on the street and if they say "Bonjour!", you picture in your head some clunky game show font dropping into view and a voice with a very strong American TV accent says "YOU JUST GOT BAWN-JUR'D!" and you have to try not to laugh which will cause you to smile at a French person and also be unable to respond with the obligatory "bonjour" in return

crude: truck nuts
mood: dragon tail that you attach to your truck and that you can slap people's hoods with when they honk at you

Aleister Crowly's Ouija board looks like it was made by da share z0ne

@ those of u saying yuri: gimme a ship and I'll see if I can think of a good concept for a microfic or sth

wow, I was expecting like one person to reply to this and I'd do whatever they said??

I'm writing the reverse engineering one now, the talk one is next!

I wanna write. What should I write about?

- Reverse engineering simple protocols (eg. the rave glasses)
- How you you should think theatre, not essay, when writing a talk
- All the things that go into email delivery
- Something else??

where does one get a whiteboard, like a classroom- sized one

you ever just wake up in your gf's room and you're too comfy to move

hot new smash ultimate dlc5 leak from a reliable source at nintendo

qwerty users, dvorak users, lend me your ears and eyes:

"and that name… you go by Lelouch now?"
"yeah, since records list my former identity as dead"

talking to a friend from before they transitioned be like

I forgot how much code geass show just exists on a) rule of cool, b) rule of drama, and everything else just bends over backwards to accommodate those two

I'm currently recompiling the Linux kernel now with added /dev/ayylmao that outputs endless 69

This is why you should hire me

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