omg iZombie has a techbro episode where Liv gets really into nootropics and blurts out things like "horses disrupted feet" with a straight face

dogs, like vampires, can only enter spaces they've been invited to. however, due to being dogs, they're always invited everywhere.

anyway i'm going to wherever banks keep all their money, anyone want anything?

don't πŸ‘ call πŸ‘ it πŸ‘ post-con πŸ‘ depression πŸ‘ unless πŸ‘ it's πŸ‘ October 24, 1929

spotify just popped up bodies (as in "let the bodies hit the floor") and now I'm listening to mouth moods instead

current motto: "Everyone has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a seperate production environment."

maybe we were all dril's furry daughters all along

I'm like 71726383 years behind everyone else here, but I finally got into Near a Tomato, the amusement park boss finally sold it

I just wish the camera would stop being the hardest thing about the game

european friends are pals, american friends are ntscs

It’s 5 years since I licked Stonehenge and my life is so much better now (self.transgenderUK)
Apparently people are pretending to illegally import pokemon from other gens to Galar

my mum just now: I think this whole 'trans movement' is gonna be the next big thing

@embr most horses are bioluminescent but only when no one's looking

blind trial melatonin vs regulatory training material

I love this slide, because it's not a map of how corrupt a country is

it's a map of how an undisclosed set of people *perceive* it to be corrupt

and it honestly tells you more about the people they asked than anything else

siri I literally have not gotten out of bed yet, calm down

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