British Heathens using Christian relics for warmth and fuel post-Brexit, circa 2020, colourised

[gestures at gamers]

What's up with that whole thing?

Valentine's day gift to @embr has been delivered πŸ’œ

🐦 @ChaosChaud@twitter.com: By the pictures in the ground, I think they're trying to recreate the nazca lines and maybe summon a Yu-Gi-Oh card

trying to figure out what kind of ritual this is

β€ͺI can just walk down to the Thames waterfront from my house, apparently‬

β€ͺthe smell of salt water gives me life ‬

whoops i forgot to eat breakfast and now i'm faint

β€ͺI'm pretty sure if I put it on today, I'd burst into flames ‬

completely random fact of the day: I have very different beliefs these days, but I'm notionally a member of the Lutheran-Protestant church. There's a cross here somewhere that I used to wear around my neck.

*at the altar on her wedding day, standing across from her partner*

*turns to the wedding officiator*

"hey, do you think she likes me? I don't want to be presumptuous"

hey bby are you a cache file because you're valid ;)

.@fox lent me her copy of Breath of the Wild

I've never played a Zelda game before and I'm going completely blind

(the time I borrowed @Abzol@twitter.com's wind waker, started it, and then forgot her gamecube behind a communal sofa doesn't count)

β€ͺthere's a sad sounding fox yelling outside the window ;;‬

been staring at the numbers in this game for so long that I almost forgot it also has words in it #getinthecarloser

I want a speaker I can put on my windowsill, that'll give me decent sound quality without needing a pair - basically a Google Home without any of the voice control nonsense. Any suggestions?

I'm kinda tempted by this: amazon.co.uk/Roberts-R-Line-S1

whoops I forgot to take meds today or last night, that explains a good bit of this state

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