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genuinely appreciating libarchive today, i like this software
writing Rust bindings on the fly, because the crates i saw didn't look particularly appealing, but it's been a pleasant experience

i would like to sign up for an existence that involves slightly less being reminded that software is extremely bad all the time

today i learnt that the power button on my headphones is definitely entirely software-defined, and also learnt that the software is broken
it's set to "off" and also they're still playing music over bluetooth

today discovered that gpg will in fact invoke itself with popen() under certain conditions
extremely normal software

i wish gravatar would just look in .well-known/ or use WebFinger for avatars, so that i could just set a catchall for my domain easily

i'm mad now because it turns out U2F uses uncompressed curve points, and on a NIST curve to boot

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I have a spare ticket to EMF Camp that I would love to give away, especially to a woman or non-binary person interested in technology, a student, or anyone of various groups under-represented in tech.

the whole "scientific", "rationalist" crowd is literally incapable of utilising science or reason, and this would be funny if i didn't run into them all the time

love too read the takes of people who think exposure therapy is just random, uncontrolled exposure to triggers

announcement: has 69 users now!

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What is an email inbox? A miserable little pile of obligations.

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Remember that while you are pushing for political change, people are out there right now who need immediate help. Don't wait for the government's permission to help people.

i'm genuinely unsure how to form a model beyond "grep through source and guess", because discoverability is hard when you've got this much magic going on *and* no types
i don't consider myself a particularly clever person, but in Haskell i've used abstractions that solve similar problems with similar ease, but i can actually understand what is going on

i'm working on an existing large system, with very modest goals in regard to what i actually want to change about it
i'm figuring out what type things in my scope are by raising exceptions and poking at them in a REPL, and the method sets for various things are incredibly absurd.. i hit tab in my REPL and was offered 18k methods to choose from

i get why this is considered "easy for novices", because the surface-level code for doing a variety of things almost feels like English
but that exact property makes actually understanding what's going on nigh-impossible, so nobody can actually significantly progress beyond being a novice

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