apparently my upstream's IRR entry isn't quite right yet
mfw the cool kids won't play with me because nobody wants to say i'm their friend

BGP peering configured, but routes haven't propagated upstream yet
notice me internet-senpai

@amydentata oh! didn't realise you were on here ^_^

@qyliss @embr
me, wistfully staring into the distance: ah, Paris, such a romantic place,
french guy pissing in the corner of the metro station: *nodding sagely*

when your tool only accepts GNU-style options: weird flags but ok

i immediately decided to do a cluster upgrade, which notes that it'll cause control plane downtime.. which apparently means everything will start 503ing

hi! is back up for now
for some reason GKE blew up and poking it fixed it

yesterday i put my programming socks on inside out by accident, almost made all my programming for the day inverted
gonna save this trick for when i need to invert a binary tree in some dipshit's interview process

i hate this software so badly, i hate the opaque make-no-mistakes-ever recommendation engines where i'll never learn what mistake i made in the past to get garbage i hate recommended continuously, or know what weird shit it'll come up to make the model fit if i tell it that sucks
there's no way i know of to reset a Spotify radio station, so i just pray there's a different edition of the same album that i can create a fresh one on when i mess one up completely

one day i'm going to delete and recreate my Spotify account just so i can get rid of all the garbage it plays me because i hit Like while trying to hit Skip

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@TheAspiringHacker i'm not super familiar with the other ML implementations, but OCaml mostly gets away with its implementation simplicity by just boxing everything and having a very uniform data representation
modulo inlining, generic fns and concretely typed ones share the same ABI, so there isn't much to the module impl

i'll make it a properly configurable NixOS module instead of hardcoding CloudFlare (and update the gist) once i actually wake up and get out of bed, might be a while

the NixCon venue WiFi kept poisoning our DNS caches, so i wrote this in delayed anger
(nb, this depends on @qyliss's doh-stub package

i have a soft spot for command line help output that lists -h as "this cruft"

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