yesterday i put my programming socks on inside out by accident, almost made all my programming for the day inverted
gonna save this trick for when i need to invert a binary tree in some dipshit's interview process

i hate this software so badly, i hate the opaque make-no-mistakes-ever recommendation engines where i'll never learn what mistake i made in the past to get garbage i hate recommended continuously, or know what weird shit it'll come up to make the model fit if i tell it that sucks
there's no way i know of to reset a Spotify radio station, so i just pray there's a different edition of the same album that i can create a fresh one on when i mess one up completely

one day i'm going to delete and recreate my Spotify account just so i can get rid of all the garbage it plays me because i hit Like while trying to hit Skip

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i'll make it a properly configurable NixOS module instead of hardcoding CloudFlare (and update the gist) once i actually wake up and get out of bed, might be a while

the NixCon venue WiFi kept poisoning our DNS caches, so i wrote this in delayed anger
(nb, this depends on @qyliss's doh-stub package

i have a soft spot for command line help output that lists -h as "this cruft"

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BTW, if you are hella gay, or hella queer, or really just a minority in any way (and if you are unsure, there is an easy rule: you are valid, and you are enough) and want to go to 35C3, hit me up for a presale voucher.

Boosts appreciated

(@kit_ty_kate, this includes you)

[trying to buy NAND and NAND accessories off taobao]
<@edef> there's a button that just says "shop like baby"
<@edef> i feel like i'm taking crazy pills
<@whitequark> "product"
<@whitequark> they mean "product
<@whitequark> but google translate says "baby" for some reason

[223457.660109] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdc] Spinning up disk...
gonna be impressed if it manages to spin up my SSD

apparently there's an entire additional filter subsystem in mksquashfs, 2.4kLoC
the option isn't even listed in the help output, and there is no documentation i can find mentioning it

today i thought to myself "gosh. i can't think of a way to write a POSIX overlay filesystem that doesn't produce absolutely horrifyingly nonsensical inode semantics"
thinking that perhaps, i might just be very dumb, i opened the overlayfs documentation page
it turns out that the answer is "they are indeed", and the documentation claims this is alright because "many applications and tools ignore these values and will not be affected", which somehow fails to soothe me

genuinely appreciating libarchive today, i like this software
writing Rust bindings on the fly, because the crates i saw didn't look particularly appealing, but it's been a pleasant experience

i would like to sign up for an existence that involves slightly less being reminded that software is extremely bad all the time

today i learnt that the power button on my headphones is definitely entirely software-defined, and also learnt that the software is broken
it's set to "off" and also they're still playing music over bluetooth

today discovered that gpg will in fact invoke itself with popen() under certain conditions
extremely normal software

i wish gravatar would just look in .well-known/ or use WebFinger for avatars, so that i could just set a catchall for my domain easily

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