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I should toot more instead of tweeting, feel like I should move to using a Twitter bridge (if that exists?) for incoming tweets from those I follow and then exclusively toot

Because you all asked so nicely for it.
RT @trialbykatsu
By unpopular request...

🍟 N/A - @McDonaldsUK (limited time menu)

+ Wow, the nuggets are actually really good, better than the standard ones! Little spice in there too
- This isn’t the right curry sauce at all, maybe the German sauce would work better?

Price: £5.09 for 20

(twitter compression doesn’t really do it justice, go try it out on their website)

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Damn, the Honda configurator’s visualiser is super neat, they’re using WebGL with some really detailed 3D models and backdrops, 110/100 for effort

(shame the car’s too small for us to seriously consider it, its cheeks are so cute :( )

okay fixed before people sulk (and made it properly format pennies)

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(yes I’m aware it’s £7 a KWh, multiplication error, please ignore)

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Today on overkill Home Assistant setups: Automatic notification when the hot water tank runs low (based on temperature), an option to boost straight from the notification, and a stupid chime in the notification to confirm we spent money.

reserved, thanks for the signal boost everyone!

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if unclaimed this’ll probably show up at next EMF and will go to the first set of hands that wants it, and I’d prefer not to keep it in the garage that long!

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alright Twitter, pls help, this gear needs a new home, ideally someone who’s going to experiment with it

old 90s Norstar / BT digital exchange with a load of phones, free to whoever wants it (collection / delivery tbd)

PM for more info / its history

(needs retrobrite, duh)

“I can’t keep track of all the Apple TV’s that I own” - @NekomimiScience

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