software consistency, Volkswagen?

does the team working on the dashboard now have a working relationship with the infotainment team or something?!

literally never seen this before

medical admin 

did vitamin B12 even exist in 1900?

re: touhou music 

plus it has MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! on it which immediately makes it the greatest album of all time

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touhou music 

ムソウマテリアライズ continues to be a fucking incredible album even if you're not crazy about touhou

like there's literally not a bad track

sudden awareness of toenails

they’re kind of crazy and useless when you think about it apart from getting snagged on things and scratching everything

re: ffxiv 

@embr £5 though (and doesn’t it require a subscription?)


@embr stop this, this is making me want to restart the free trial but as lalafell

@embr carrot cake pales in significance to the might of the Victoria Sponge

Is there any worse turn of fate than turning up at a John Lewis restaurant with the free coffee & cake voucher, only to discover there is only carrot cake left?

coming out 

came out on my public twitter dot com handle

it only took 3 years

@embr this just sounds like my experience getting out of bed this morning

still alive here

(whether I’m alive in general is a better question…)

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Can I get a signal boost on this; I'm looking for queer experiences - stories about coming out, when you first knew you were part of the LGBTQIA+ community, positive or melancholy experiences. I want to make a collection of graphic (comic) short stories to celebrate our community

Wow, impressive show by @PolestarCars at Gridserve Braintree, at least 15 2’s here! (Kind of makes me want a test drive…)

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STOP DOING IPv6 - Now in video form (sound on)!

Thanks to @Lexil for commissioning the one and only @GetGianni to do this masterpiece

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