software consistency, Volkswagen?

does the team working on the dashboard now have a working relationship with the infotainment team or something?!

literally never seen this before

medical admin 

did vitamin B12 even exist in 1900?

Wow, impressive show by @PolestarCars at Gridserve Braintree, at least 15 2’s here! (Kind of makes me want a test drive…)

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STOP DOING IPv6 - Now in video form (sound on)!

Thanks to @Lexil for commissioning the one and only @GetGianni to do this masterpiece

Because you all asked so nicely for it.
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By unpopular request...

🍟 N/A - @McDonaldsUK (limited time menu)

+ Wow, the nuggets are actually really good, better than the standard ones! Little spice in there too
- This isn’t the right curry sauce at all, maybe the German sauce would work better?

Price: £5.09 for 20

Damn, the Honda configurator’s visualiser is super neat, they’re using WebGL with some really detailed 3D models and backdrops, 110/100 for effort

(shame the car’s too small for us to seriously consider it, its cheeks are so cute :( )

okay fixed before people sulk (and made it properly format pennies)

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Today on overkill Home Assistant setups: Automatic notification when the hot water tank runs low (based on temperature), an option to boost straight from the notification, and a stupid chime in the notification to confirm we spent money.

alright Twitter, pls help, this gear needs a new home, ideally someone who’s going to experiment with it

old 90s Norstar / BT digital exchange with a load of phones, free to whoever wants it (collection / delivery tbd)

PM for more info / its history

(needs retrobrite, duh)

Help, we have 90 litres of double cream that we need to consume in the next 6 days, please send assistance

All being well, you should now have a fully working monitor with 144hz on DisplayPort!

You’ll probably want to reset the settings and recalibrate, the new board seems to be incredibly washed out but is way better after some tweaks.

I hope this helps at least someone out!

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You can get into the service menu by powering the display off, holding the second button from the left while turning it back on, then pressing the third button. (Make sure you have an input!)

There’s some strobe settings in here that I haven’t dared touch.

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Once you’ve got everything vaguely back together, plug it in with all your limbs crossed and you should get the Zowie logo!

(P.S: Please don’t do this on your carpet, I like to live dangerously)

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The new port is obviously smaller than the VGA hole it slots in to, but just bend back the tabs to better touch the case and add a little tape to neaten it up a bit and it’ll be fine - the plug shouldn’t foul the case.

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You’ll then need to unscrew both boards, starting with the larger power supply board, then the controller board. Make sure not to forget the screw above the HDMI port, as well as the nuts for the VGA and DVI ports (use pliers!). It should then just pull away as two boards.

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