AC rhythm reference 

Believe it or not, I’m not dead - just trying to work through a metric fucktonne of trauma from the last few years.

Have this very, very cursed crew t-shirt to tide you over

important for cities: skylines players with workshop mods, unsubscribe from anything published by Holy Water and Chaos (including Network Extensions 3 and Harmony (redesigned)) due to malicious code - more information here

software consistency, Volkswagen?

does the team working on the dashboard now have a working relationship with the infotainment team or something?!

literally never seen this before

medical admin 

did vitamin B12 even exist in 1900?

re: touhou music 

plus it has MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! on it which immediately makes it the greatest album of all time

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touhou music 

ムソウマテリアライズ continues to be a fucking incredible album even if you're not crazy about touhou

like there's literally not a bad track

sudden awareness of toenails

they’re kind of crazy and useless when you think about it apart from getting snagged on things and scratching everything

Is there any worse turn of fate than turning up at a John Lewis restaurant with the free coffee & cake voucher, only to discover there is only carrot cake left?

coming out 

came out on my public twitter dot com handle

it only took 3 years

still alive here

(whether I’m alive in general is a better question…)

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Can I get a signal boost on this; I'm looking for queer experiences - stories about coming out, when you first knew you were part of the LGBTQIA+ community, positive or melancholy experiences. I want to make a collection of graphic (comic) short stories to celebrate our community

Wow, impressive show by @PolestarCars at Gridserve Braintree, at least 15 2’s here! (Kind of makes me want a test drive…)

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STOP DOING IPv6 - Now in video form (sound on)!

Thanks to @Lexil for commissioning the one and only @GetGianni to do this masterpiece

I should toot more instead of tweeting, feel like I should move to using a Twitter bridge (if that exists?) for incoming tweets from those I follow and then exclusively toot

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