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Introduction w/selfie 

Hi! I hear are a thing?
My name's Clover, I'm 32, she/her, living in Los Angeles working in the video game industry and smoking too much weed. I like to make pixel art and draw really colorful environments and plants. I also have a huge video game collection, please play something with me?

I'm going through a lot of big changes in life, including gender stuff and relationship stuff, but I'm an open book if you'd like to chat. I'm super excited to meet you. ❤️

I can't keep up with so many social mediaseses, and I've been trying to focus on my work and stuff, so I've neglected you Mastodon Q.Q I still love you all very much tho

nsfw context 

just referred to (male) cum as “dad soup” before god and all of his creation this is what my life has come to

Original NSFW Art, Metal Gear Solid R34 

“This is just like one of my Japanese animes!”

- - -

It would surprise no one that Otacon is into bukkake. However unlike most who enjoy it, he fantasizes about being on the receiving end.

Between saving the world from nuclear annihilation, roleplaying is an enjoyable pastime between companions. ✌️🤤✌️

Concept: Gravelord Nito's rig and animations, but it's me, your moss and flower covered dryad girlfriend, creeping through the woods behind your house.

Selfie, eye contact 

I found my Mario club inky fan and just in time, it's hot as heck today

4 hours of sleep is not enough body, go back to bed you jerk.

boost if clone high is a great show. trying to prove a point

Wherever you are, what ever you're doing, I hope you're happy, just right now, in this moment, whenever your read this. We're together in short messages and cheesy sentiment, and I hope I can be at all a reflection of the happiness you put in my life.

Sweaty selfie 

I danced and am drunk, come give smooches

Trying to summon up the courage to go out dancing alone tonight. Not to...really find a place to do that, cause I've been a hermit all of my life, but I'm trying!

Writing words in different orders until they click and bits of my brain flash from red to green. Send Tweet.

Night flowers blooming at 2am, reaching up towards the moon, exhaling sweetly into the darkness, saving all their energy for the quiet hours where they glisten and sing.

Eye's red, lids half open, the overgrowth of blankets and pillows covering her as she communes through technology. She waters the soil, places the seed, she grows leaves, she becomes a tree.

It's late, but my work isn't done. It'll be 2, maybe 3am before I turn in from scouring the internet for pictures of people and telling them how cute they are.

Gonna stream some of this fancy Blackout beta! Come watch me get my butt kicked at a game I'm working on :P

I wanna go out dancing and be close to people, or huddled together under the stars talking about things. I wanna feel more alive than I do...but I'm so tired -.-

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