I made a 2048 clone to play over SSH :) (with scoreboard!)
$ ssh play@ascii.town

@causal_agent Well, there go my plans to study for my exams today. In Germany, there's a saying that you get rectangular eyes from starring at screens to much (at least my parents said this) - every time I play this game for a while, I actually get the feeling of rectangular eyes.

@tofuwabohu I get the same thing. Everything else looks too round afterwards

@causal_agent I really like this idea and implementation! If I might suggest a small change, due to the yellow behind the 512 the number is borderline readable (it is way brighter than on your screenshot, using Konsole).

@tofuwabohu it's sad that not all colour schemes care about having legible text for all foreground/background combinations... the easiest thing to do would be a toggle between white and black text, I guess

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