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Hey I'm launching a new version of the torus at with codepage 437 (extra characters) and a real help page!
$ ssh

I made a 2048 clone to play over SSH :) (with scoreboard!)
$ ssh

*why* is it so rare these days for open source projects to have change logs that you can actually find

been trying to make bitmap fonts lately and ACAB is one of the first things you can write as you fill in the glyphs...

Since it's October now: reminder that Pinafore has a setting to remove emojis from display names

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today is the day. the day you go into cs:go matchmaking and only use the glock the whole game, yelling "GLOCKTOBER" in mic if anybody questions

just piped into ssh to a FreeBSD machine to use an fmt(1) that can centre text

"favourites" / "like" is such a misfeature. send me replies, please

Maybe I'm just thinking of "Ann." "Her?" though...

I really think listing only the object-pronoun reads better. Consider "June (her)" compared to "June (she/her)" or "June (she)". The former sounds more like a regular phrase to me.

lol never look at the non-sale section of clothes shop websites

can I trade all my old hoodies for cuter clothes? (hoodies are cute too but I have too many)

I think tights might be the perfect clothing: they're warm, you don't notice you're wearing them, and you don't have to wear socks

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