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Hey I'm launching a new version of the torus at with codepage 437 (extra characters) and a real help page!
$ ssh

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open invite to hang out on my irc server, port 6697 TLS-only, or ssh for a (currently very limited) cloud client

🚽 Add Girlpool Tiny Desk Concert
Heard some of these songs in the cafe. I keep saying there should be more singing in unison.

I made a 2048 clone to play over SSH :) (with scoreboard!)
$ ssh

🚽 Rename watch to rec
A watch binary already exists in various places (but isn't useful).

🚽 Switch to pkgsrc on Darwin
I've had enough of Homebrew. I want a real package manager that can remove unneeded dependencies. neovim still isn't in pkgsrc, so download binaries of that separately for now.
Hopefully I haven't broken any other systems by rewriting like this.

🚽 Alias ls='ls -p'
NetBSD ls(1) doesn't have colour, and I really like to know which are files and which are directories.

🚽 Add Chromatics β€” Running Up That Hill
I've known about this one for a while but it came back into my head recently.

🚽 Clean up and improve dtch
Removed dependency on passwd, instead using HOME and SHELL. Added signal handlers to clean up sockets more reliably and to update the window size.

🚽 Add Rival Consoles β€” Helios
A track from the cafe.
I take out my phone and ask Siri as quietly as I can, "What song is this?" because I don't have Shazam installed.

*why* is it so rare these days for open source projects to have change logs that you can actually find

been trying to make bitmap fonts lately and ACAB is one of the first things you can write as you fill in the glyphs...

Since it's October now: reminder that Pinafore has a setting to remove emojis from display names

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today is the day. the day you go into cs:go matchmaking and only use the glock the whole game, yelling "GLOCKTOBER" in mic if anybody questions

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