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Hi, I'm caff.
I'm awesome.
ask me for handles elsewhere
visit my brand at @vga_dreams
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quiplash is a great game and I have the best friends ever

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hi new masto users, I'm caff.
I had bailed on twitter (had used it since 2010) on my own accord quite a while back, only using it to boost cute art and commissions. I'd seriously recommend doing the same for those who seriously want to stay, while just setting up your account with reminders that you moved and to join mastodon.

If you've never heard of ishkur's guide, it's an old 90's flash applet where somebody tried to describe most of the existing electronic music genres of the time, and some of their history, with listenable samples of music for each genre.

This new one is STAGGERINGLY huge and detailed, please check it out if you like literally any electronic music

JSYK there's a brand-new ishkur's guide to music online, today:

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remember when NFS was good?
pepperage farms does

spotify, how much mdc do I have to listen to so i never hear a kids bop ad again

whoops haven't been here, on a quest for jewel shards or something

Whats up Mastodon. My name is Riley and I specialize in pixel art


I'm taking 3 colored bust sketches like these for 23 USD each, or fullbodies for negotiable price - DM me if interested :3 Show more

after seeing a sport, I'd say that baseball isn't for me

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