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Hi, I'm caff.
I'm awesome.
ask me for handles elsewhere
visit my brand at @vga_dreams
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quiplash is a great game and I have the best friends ever

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hi new masto users, I'm caff.
I had bailed on twitter (had used it since 2010) on my own accord quite a while back, only using it to boost cute art and commissions. I'd seriously recommend doing the same for those who seriously want to stay, while just setting up your account with reminders that you moved and to join mastodon.

emergency commissions bby needs to pay rent and student loans!!! hmu ! ! I make cool art. flexible on price rn, to a certain extent. I just want to pay my bills !

have you tried turning the summoning circle off and back on again

I'd honestly put a poll for why I've been inactive but my instance doesn't support it lol

computer joke post about ram Show more

having to deal with my cat's literal bullshit is annoying


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