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Hi, I'm caff.
I'm awesome.
ask me for handles elsewhere
visit my brand at @vga_dreams
icon source below and in this toot:

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hi new masto users, I'm caff.
I had bailed on twitter (had used it since 2010) on my own accord quite a while back, only using it to boost cute art and commissions. I'd seriously recommend doing the same for those who seriously want to stay, while just setting up your account with reminders that you moved and to join mastodon.

me when i sent memes instead of original shitposts


cum 6 ft straight up in the air and you get no down payment


anyone else remember those cheesecake sticks/bars one of the brand name companies made in the early 2000's, I wish those would come back

I’m spending my first Christmas without my bio family since coming out as trans. I’d like to take next week off to spend time with friends and distract myself.

Next week is going to be difficult and painful. I’d like to not have to worry about bills during this.

All commissions are 10% off til Friday. The only catch is that invoices must be paid upfront, and I won’t start on this batch of commissions until Monday Dec 30.

Commission me here:

Thank y’all for reading.

it came from spotify ads: elevator depache mode music


my grandfather managed to buy mexican salsa and even the mild kicks his ass, so I guess free salsa for me

I got a new phone now, and now I need to get some usbc cords

should play ss13 again so I can be a space janitor who somehow lives to the very end

twitter stuff 

same goes for mastodon but i'm too lazy to juryrig Tween with mastodon API

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