I hope everyone’s pride month has been going as well as it can.

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"When did you know?" the prince asked. "How did you know you were the king, by divine right?"
"When my predecessor died, the divine light shone on me," the king said. "I doubted, but agreed to be crowned queen."
"It shone on me again, once I no longer doubted who I was."
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There’s even some trying to maintain a safe space like queer.af

It would be *really* nice if things could calm down for a bit, thanks lol

@ticky unfortunately I had someone in my family who worked as an audiologist in the US (I don't really keep up with that person anymore so no idea if they retired or not hence past tense). Did you know one of the ways doctors clean your ears is with ear irrigation, using water (sometimes hydrogen peroxide I've heard) to flush out the earwax? And that you can find devices for it online. Just fair warning, if you're someone who is likely to have perforated ears or middle ear surgery you should probably not do it and ask your doctor. (Or ask your doctor in any case anyway)

Sarcasm / Humor 

@kat for only $5.99 you can print tattoos without our watermark and for only $12.99/mo we’ll unlock the color blue. For $20/mo you no longer need to print those ads on your body anymore.

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⚠️ ALERT ⚠️

KITTEN.EXE requires pets to continue.

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@nloadholtes org-mode also has some wiki / mind map libraries like org-roam. Also zim desktop wiki, but it’s not as portable I think?

Feels good to be playing a tabletop rpg again


Cupcakes are so good!~ :catLaugh:

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Hello and good meowing everyone! :nkoWave::blobcathearts:​ I wish you an amazing day! ❤️

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Society doesn't want you to know that you can actually love more than one person and kiss your friends.

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