It would be *really* nice if things could calm down for a bit, thanks lol

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Only 90s kids remember this one weird trick to make your computer go faster

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⚠️ ALERT ⚠️

KITTEN.EXE requires pets to continue.

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Feels good to be playing a tabletop rpg again


Cupcakes are so good!~ :catLaugh:

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Hello and good meowing everyone! :nkoWave::blobcathearts:​ I wish you an amazing day! ❤️

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Society doesn't want you to know that you can actually love more than one person and kiss your friends.

Work is so busy these days, I haven’t been on here in a minute, I’m really happy seeing we’ve updated! :D

Well hello again dysphoria, come to ruin a other night?

I think I'm developing "Emacs elbow" it hurts to type / keep my arm at a like 90º angle.

Well, I’m officially going to be Seattle bound. I’m so happy to be getting a chance to live there.

I wish more was on my mind lol

Hopefully I’ll talk more after the move. (Not this account but where I live)

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So I own a new M1 Mac mini, and I really have been enjoying it so far. Best little gift to myself. Even getting back in to gamedev thanks to it! Only real downside is waiting for things to natively support m1, at least Godot works for now.

I sincerely wish I could spend my life making games about women who love women.

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