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My understanding of Mastodon instances is that they're like JRPG towns in that you know everyone there and it's very quaint and comfortable there and as soon as you leave town by looking at the global timeline you're instantly murdered by a swarm of goblins

@WitchHats you gotta level up and get your gear first

:blank: :blank: 🗡️ :blobowo: 🛡️

@WitchHats I just joined Mastodon and this explains my feelings EXACTLY

@WitchHats I see this toot is already Big Relatable

@WitchHats Cute cat-shaped goblins who speak only Japanese interspersed with emjois.

@WitchHats I'm the old man with a beard standing under the tree who rambles about the weather.

i unboosted this so that i could boost it again. i need a doubleboost option

@WitchHats I'm still waiting for people to come in and smash all my stuff, looking for items.
Masto is better than other social media, which offer to up-sell me, so I can pay them money to have *more* people come in here and smash all my stuff.

@WitchHats If you're on mastodon.social, are you in the big castle town or something? How does this fit into the metaphor?

@WitchHats usually my experience is I'm murdered by a swarm of dog and cat pics

@WitchHats It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. [ Horse ]

@WitchHats This is why I never look at the global timeline.

But there IS a sort of bazzaar created by talking to people from other instances that people know know talk to. :-)

@WitchHats Personally I'm planning on moving to the goblins.town instance.

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