Vyr Cossont

i wrote up a lil' bit for National Coming Out Day with an intro about how being trans involves coming out not once but like constantly, plus a few choice chat logs and dorky early transition pics, and they put it on the wall at work with other employee stories

guy i've not met before and who isn't in the company pride group comes up to me and says how cool & brave it is that i'm sharing my story and such, and i'm just getting this vibe & trying not to say

"you're gonna be so cute in two years"

@VyrCossont GODS THAT'S A MOOD, latent girls are fucking adorable

@annachronism it's like how kittens have that pheromone that keeps them from being eaten by adult cats

note that i said "early transition" and not "pre-transition"… i have two pics up that were pre-laser and pre-HRT and yet still mentally acceptable as rough drafts of the unstoppable hottie i am today, but ain't nobody needs to see me trying to be a guy. especially not me. 😅

my deadname and original hair color remain classified

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