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extremely online lesbian culture is a girl in every time zone except yours

I've designed an algorithm to determine whether the people I'm interviewing are qualified for a software engineering position:

> return false;

You should be able to create a design that involves more than one class. An ArrayList is not appropriate for a FIFO buffer. If you're a statistics major, you should have some idea what variance is and how to account for it. If you've never taught anyone anything, why would you be qualified for a senior position?

It's been a bad month for interviews!

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I’m so vain that when I take a good selfie I literally can’t stop looking at it

@pbandkate @girl assert dominance over your co-workers by licking your computer screen before they can lick theirs

inherited a folding "gamer chair" with a built-in sub from a former roommate, fixed the power supply, but it belongs to the cats now

This is going to be a thread of highlights from the photo blog I wrote while sailing aboard E/V Nautilus.

Life from seamounts in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in Hawaii, observed in late September 2018. All photos in this thread are via OET/Nautilus Live

And do this for everyone who is interested in you. Get to know them and if you get weirded out during that, trust your gut.
There are predators who are not chasers. There are predators who hide behind an identity to claim that it’s impossible they could be a predator.
Anyway, need to write something about this

You can really put a dangerous trip on yourself by thinking this way. Suddenly you’re hyper-scrutinizing everyone who has enough experience dating trans girls to be a great date or girlfriend (or even a good friend.)
Meanwhile people who have zero experience with trans women, to your knowledge, might get a pass that they definitely don’t deserve. It’s okay to have a few dates with someone and get a bead on who they are. Literally screen them, you deserve that much.

We need to be watching out for danger, not inventing bizarre standards for someone else’s dating history. Especially because when I’m in these conversations, I very frequently see all trans people getting a pass. It doesn’t work like that.
We’re beautiful, of COURSE other dykes want to be with us. You’re shooting yourself and everyone else in the foot when you loudly proclaim that a very solid person is a “chaser” because they’ve fucked _#__ trans women.

On this same topic: I try to keep my mouth shut when other trans people limit the term “chaser” to cis people and I usually fail. For one thing there are most definitely, if rarely, other trans people who are straight up predators and this is just a stupid blind spot to create for yourself.

How to meet cool lesbians:

-go to the dog park, bring a dog
-mastodon, just make an account and say “hi I’m looking for lesbians”
-take a woodworking class
-wander into any forest and you’re sure to find one or two lesbians
-every firefighting crew has one cool lesbian on it, set something on fire, it doesn’t have to be small, could be a bank!
-hang out in hat stores

secretly listening to dramatic hip hop struggle music (with earbuds hidden under my hair) during dipshit corporate meetings makes everything these idiots say seem dramatic and powerful, despite being complete nonsense

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i stole my name off my ex from college

turns out he's trans too now 😆

it’s called “the mall” because you’re not burning down one store, you’re burning “the mall”

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