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if you're one of those guys whose entire deal, bio, and TL is "getting super mad about people not using Free Software", i regret to inform you that you will not be following me.


regret's the wrong word, i enjoy it.

just not as much as if i was clicking accept on someone i actually like.

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extremely online lesbian culture is a girl in every time zone except yours

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Ignoring Spectre, or Coming to Terms with the Ghost in the Machine

@porsupah always thoughtful and sweet
@comradetaylorswift not actually a gimmick
@V cute transhumanist gamer girl
@00dani good opinions about bad anime
@iliana AWS witch, iconic dress
@julia strong anti-hashbrown stance

hah! this #FF i did my homework and didn't lose my notes!

@zoey funny and reflective at once, how does she do it
@kioskwitch knows the Tron Legacy score will never die
@envgen defies machine, never capitalizes "i" like a boss
@backwardsflow AI sweetheart
@cambrian_era runs and still has time to toot?

blue power lights on everything is a conspiracy to make Real Gamers depressed by screwing up their sleep patterns

however, this one actually _can_ be countered with tinfoil

I hate it when our cats misbehave and don't even stop when they're caught.

Like they're cats, they're going to stand on tables and shit, but usually when we see them, they jump down. They know what they're doing.

But sometimes we catch them and they just look at us like "sup", get off of there asshole

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@VyrCossont holy SHIT

I hate to comment on any one specific thing but @furries: don't fuck chester cheetah. he looks like an STD-spreading scumbag. he looks like he sells drugs to kids

Free Wifi at a Restaurant Alignment Chart

if you insist to the forest that you "want to get lost" it spits you out at your therapist's office

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why does cat stick butt in human face what do they want what are they after

imaginary alien hater John "Central" Bradford has been here for me thru two relationships that didn't make it

at this point i'm probably so conditioned by his outfit that any girl in the right color of green sweater can have me any way she likes, provided that way includes ordering me around on a grid and not getting too sad when a beefy alien rips my head off

I like to picture all of the masto-couples sitting on the couch on their phones posting side-by-side and occasionally going “hey boost my post”

@jackdaw_ruiz I know it looks bad being a geography cop, but I'm only doing it so that I can eventually outmatch, impress, and marry Carmen, and then we happily repatriate artifacts from the British Museum and those Hobby Lobby assholes.

Also, I like it when the chief calls me "Gumshoe"

welp, just submitted an assignment on DNSSEC which i accidentally spelled "DNSSEX"

g'night, everybody

But really I just transitioned so that I would have the opportunity to prove that I could take my bra off with my shirt on.

And I am never going to let anyone take that away from me, so I do it every. damn. day.

And it is glorious.

awww shit i think its space heater season

i'm a thirty seven cis hetero allo white male, not that any of that matters. i love using GNU/linux and making fun of people half my age for using microsoft windows

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