OH: “ACAB includes PC Plum from Balamory.”

>@erismorn on only fans
New contender for the worst Destiny 2 player name just dropped.

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from this morning's shitposting in photoshop I present this

I can't believe I fixed my ability to enjoy watching anime by internalising that I can just delete shows I'm not actually going to watch/continue and focus on the ones I do.

Turns out that you can just drop bad shows, which also clears up a ton of HDD space. :D

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field railway etcs but it uses dect instead of gsm-r 🤔

Wow, Revue Starlight certainly has a strong first two episodes.

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drug ment 

And here I thought inspecting the call stack of my thoughts with the IntelliJ debugger was weird.


You ever think about how the way to relax an aggressive shark is to rotate it upside down into a state of tonic immobility?

It can be the most scary thing in this dimension and you can just be like “boop, get rotated cutie”.

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tired: LED
wired: LSD

equally enlightening,

Ah yes, UK public transport.

My bus has taken just over half an hour to move 1km of a ~4–5km journey in dense traffic because it is slightly cold and suddenly that means everyone needs to drive their kids to school.

OH: “The software to soft wife pipeline”

Forgot these things had smoke generators.

❌ Buying smoke machines for the club.
⭕️ Running the entire operation off a series of model trains with smoke generators going around in circles.

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Also found the rail crane and flatbed that came with the pack. :3

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Ended up finding and playing with one of my childhood train sets!!

Just had to fill out and mail a paper direct debit form for my membership to the Light Rail Transit Association.

What’s next? I write a cheque for my subscription to Straßenbahn Magazin? (Yes.)

AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative spoilers 

ukpol, bdsm 

>Truss can’t simply don a leather collar for her next high-profile press conference, of course

I don’t see why not, but okay. :p


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Oh fun, I picked up the SmartShop rescan handheld?

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