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Stealing something from a former colleague.

I am going to try and post more here in German for practice as I learn.

For any mistakes, I give you all explicit permission to (nicely) provide corrections for anything from awkward phrasing to wrong words and outright nonsense.

I will keep a casual record of these, and will give you a cookie or buy you drinks/food at the next Congress/Electromagnetic Field/CCCamp/etc as thanks.

Huh, as of tomorrow my commute will be entirely Alstom Aventra trains.

The Greater Anglia Class 720s on the Great Eastern Main Line, then the CrosS-Bahn Class 345s.


Select your gender:
- EurostarTrainsWiFi
- Thameslink_WiFi
- Avanti_Free_WiFi

Having been in Germany for the past week and a bit I just did a full on double take now that I’m allegedly back in the UK

hey @c3voc

in voc2mix I kept pressing the big TRANS button but my gender is still the same?! is this expected?

Me at work: Please document your APIs! Please! I'll do anything!


Me organising Please document our APIs for some complete nonsense we built for a laugh. We won't pay you for this.

[hordes descend on my inbox]

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Döner-Inflation 🤝 Cost of Fish and Chips crisis.

about 35% of starting ffxiv characters are female, but by endgame it jumps to about 60%

also the most popular is hyur male but at endgame it's female miqote/aura

i'm not gonna say ffxiv turns you into a trans girl, but i am going to put this graph here and walk away

Well those clouds might not be a good sign for later. :(

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