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Stealing something from a former colleague.

I am going to try and post more here in German for practice as I learn.

For any mistakes, I give you all explicit permission to (nicely) provide corrections for anything from awkward phrasing to wrong words and outright nonsense.

I will keep a casual record of these, and will give you a cookie or buy you drinks/food at the next Congress/Electromagnetic Field/CCCamp/etc as thanks.

Hot take: people should look after each other

I have discovered that LAMY made a special matte black edition Safari in 2018, which is exactly the color I want.

Guess I am now going to some pen shows to try and track that one down. :D

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New pen day. :3

LAMY Safari in charcoal with an extra fine nib, which I swapped in a red clip from a broken LAMY Joy. Inked up with Diamine Red Dragon.

This particular pen and ink had some wild flow properties for the first page or so of writing, but it seems to have evened out now.

May end up part swapping the collar, nib, and clip onto a standard black Safari in the future since I was aiming for a darker black, but right now this matches my Field Notes and the non-glossy texture is kind of nice. β€πŸ–€

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I swear I have actually conditioned myself into dancing and cleaning my house whenever a hardcore set is playing in the living room.

Still not sure if I am terrified or just impressed at how well it works. I go from zero motivation to just doing it when the beat starts rolling.

Paper Mario speedruns amuse me because one of the tricks I saw is to instead play Ocarina of Time and exploit its glitches to write to the Nintendo 64 expansion pack, then switch to Paper Mario and perform a glitch to jump to that code, which writes a save to be at the end credits.

Thinking about Rail Wars!, a legitimately interesting series that asks the big questions such as "What if the railways in Japan were still nationalized?". πŸ€”β€‹

Me with the slightest dash of confidence: 10 perfect Duolingo lessons in a row.

Me, slightly tired: Literally fails at forming the English sentences in lessons.

FFXIV nonsense 

Ah yes, the Free Trial for Final Fantasy XIV Online: Endwalker.

Social media platform moderation and the workarounds employed by various marginalized communities has gotten to the point where someone can link their β€œaccountancy page” and I can never be sure if I am about to get tax advice or a picture of their ass.

…worse is that with some of my friends, it could be both!

me: Buttcoin, the Proof of Ass cryptocurrency. The better your arse, the more internet money you get.
me: wait, that's just onlyfans

Concept: Car parking sensors but they are GPWS callouts from a 787.

I can tell it is a good day because my music has hit 200bpm before lunchtime. ❀️

Scarlet can spend Β£3.75(!!) on a drink at Five Guys, as a treat.

Protip: When you are an unsupervised adult, nobody can stop you from hiding in bed and watching dubbed anime from 2001. ❀

Stationary (pens in particular) is such as cool community because pretty much everyone just wants to share the joy of writing and it is all about finding something that you enjoy using above the commoditized baseline.

It never goes out of date, brings in people from all walks of life, and scales from about a sub-€2 MUJI Gel Ink pen all the way to the one-off custom pens from the finest makers in the most expensive materials.

I'm really happy because I got to revisit a pen that I owned when I was literally 9 years old (LAMY Safari).

Currently putting a LAMY Safari fountain pen together from various part swaps that fits my current aesthetic to carry in my messenger bag. β€οΈβ€‹πŸ–€β€‹

FFXIV Shadowbringers non-spoiler 

Gods give me the confidence of the cutscene directors for Shadowbringers pulling the camera in THIS CLOSE.

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