Remember, the (UK) law stating that all electric vehicles must now make noise does not state which noise the vehicle has to make.

There is nothing legally stopping you from swapping the wave table in the module out with samples from Eurobeat songs.

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@Rika may I recommend "never gonna give you up" ?

@Rika Considering the history of personalized ringtones I would guess that by 2040 all electric cars will just be vibrating.

@Rika setting it to Gas Gas Gas and thriving in the irony

@Rika hoofbeats!

(But seriously, I hope this wouldn't become widespread if the goal is making the street environment safer for disabled or vulnerable road users..

@Rika hearing Darude - Sandstorm approaching seconds before your crossing of the road is rudely interrupted.

@Rika Not sure what's more cursed, the rumbling of repeated "Deja Vu" samples as the vehicle drifts into view or knowing that several electric car are nearby having a race out-of-sight based on hearing the first few notes of Megalovania repeated with angry goose noises then overtaking them

@hokaze You absolutely know I have bought another one of those modules to do this now.

Thankfully they are super easy to swap out, so I can bench it for experimentation and then install in the car.

@Rika Thanks, I hate/love it
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