My curse for this toot was apparently getting stuck on the M25 for the last hour in front of an incident.

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I was getting excited because it was practically a perfect play for my deck’s win condition, which is to get Lunarch Veteran down early, and stall the game with life gain creating an extremely wide board of 1/1 human creature tokens until I can get Katilda down.

Once Katilda is down, I get my Lunarch Veterans killed, recast them for their disturb cost as Luminous Phantom (flying and life gain on creatures dying), and use Katilda to give everything +1/+1 counters every turn and attack opportunistically until I win.

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gg to my opponent in MTG:Arena this morning who immediately conceded the moment I played Join the Dance and immediately flashed it back for its flashback cost with 3x Lunarch Veteran on the battlefield, gaining me four 1/1 human creature tokens and 12 life at about turn six.

The best part is I still had Adeline, Resplendent Cathar to play, whose power is equal to the number of creatures I control and creates more 1/1 humans on every attack, which would gain me 3 more life every turn until I can get Katilda, Dawnhart Prime down. :(

What nobody tells you about being an adult is that you are just unsupervised all of the time.

Nobody will stop you from ordering a 6.35kg bottle of CO2 from a welding supply shop, a regulator, quick disconnect fittings, and high pressure gas hosing to connect to a carbonator.

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Sometimes I care about how I look.

Other times, I look like I just stepped out of a mid-2000s scene, complete with a first generation iPod nano containing the Final Fantasy VII (Remake) OST and a PSP.

If I were Lenovo, I would simply not put a damn WiFi card PCIe Vendor and Device ID allow-list in the Southbridge Driver Execution Environment of UEFI, making me reverse engineer it enough to NOOP the check to make a Coral TPU work in the WiFi slot of a ThinkCentre Tiny.

£25 in Cashies for both.

The Ledger Nano S is sealed, and retails for like £55 on its own.

I get to use it as a FIDO/PGP device while stopping it falling into the hands of someone who will use it for NFTs.

Fuckin’ score.

Oops, my gay ass stopped to chat with some girls in Hobbycraft about stationary and like 30 minutes of talking later got invited to a craft workshop on making custom Christmas cards and sustainable gift wrapping.

An exclusive Miku chocolate bar at HMV…

The gods are dead and we have killed them.

The positive news is that at least this has inspired a Shadowrun TTRPG oneshot that I am tempted to write to get over it.

A wealthy message board user hires the team to steal in-transit entertainment devices from under a scalping gang to sell at RRP to regular people.

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“What radicalized you against capitalism?”

Watching a guy buy the last PS5 in stock in front of me, then immediately walking it across to the CEX to sell it for profit, which CEX then sells for >2x the RRP.

From chatting, both stores are under instruction to just allow it.

the "yeah sure they're cute it would probably be cool to meet them" to "holy shit im so fucking gay" pipeline

*Channel 5 police documentary voice*

The M25, Britain’s largest car park.

[rapid zoom to a shot of traffic]

Every day, more than 200,000 vehicles get stuck on its 117-mile length.

[rapid pan to London streets]

Built between 1975 and 2069, it keeps bad drivers inside London.

Therapist: “Now, what do we say when we are feeling sad and depressed?”

Me, tapping Sport Mode and turning Dynamic Stability Control off in my i3s: “Yeet.”

Therapist: “No.”

(For legal reasons, this is a joke.)

Spotting the pattern of an ISO 8583 message inside a hex dump like

There is something oddly emotional about decommissioning a server that has served you solidly without failure since 2014. 💔

I cannot believe how much milage I got out of that 1.2GHz dual core MindSpeed Comcerto 2000 chip with 512MB of RAM.

my favourite part of Supreme Commander is that there's an entire faction of hot sapphic angel girls

Driving around the Ilford and Redbridge area is… interesting?

Why does everyone suddenly own SUVs and pull shit like cutting across two lanes once you enter the inside of the M25‽

You would think the less space around here should push people to drive smaller cars, but nope!

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