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The fact that FFXIV’s Duty Finder always has tanks and healers as adventurers in need proves that there are more bottoms than tops in this world.

I will not be taking feedback on this statement.

❌ Remote building on a more powerful server from your laptop.
⭕️ Reverse remote building from a server to your more powerful laptop.

The sheer display of power by anyone who dials into a meeting and has a real, non-replaced/blurred background that is not a blank wall.

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I admire how well Pixiv has my tastes nailed down as “pretty red haired demon ladies”.

Final Fantasy XIV manages to capture the exact experience of having to look down at almost everyone I talk to in real life.

Today’s fun type issue: “Born: false”

Not entirely inaccurate honestly.

New keyboard. 🖤❤️

(Capsunlocked CU80 with Cherry MX Brown RGB switches, temporary Tai-Hao PBT keycaps, and awaiting Durock v2 stabilizers in smoky.)

New work profile, inspired by a recent payment network bulletin.

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The pentagram glowed, and the demon appeared.
"Hi, what can I get you?"
The demon handed over a list.
"Mhm, uh-huh, cool. I've got this."
"Um," said the demon, "are you sure this is..."
"They summon me to learn forbidden knowledge."
"And they'll get it. I am a librarian."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Brexit confusion has gone too far.

That whole community and industry annoys me so much.

There is absolutely no way that editing two lines of an ini file on a Linux filesystem should cost upwards of £35, requiring giving someone TeamViewer access to your computer with a direct connection to Ethernet in your car.

Car modding forums are the absolute pinnacle of “PM sent”, “PM for price”, “nvm solved it”, etc.

Today’s lunch view: @duck’s friends.

I mean, I have invested at LEAST 10% of my pay over the last 3–4 years to become an untold number of times hotter.

Certainly not stopping any time soon.


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