I was searching for some GPG related docs and ended up discovering that UK Government Digital Services has a thing called the Good Pratice Guide, which has a chapter on “How to prove and verify someone's identity”. 🤔

i want Mamizou as a mom

she's cool and confident and knows everyone, street smarts for years, will teach you how to fist fight if you ask nicely, knows all the best bars and small restaurants to chat up hot women, will disappear anyone who does you dirty

Mysteria Friends: Not entirely sure how to describe this show, it is just a real comfy show about two princesses, one of whom is a half-dragon girl, set in a world of magic and antique.

Strong recommendation, particularly for how short it is.

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I will not spoil it, but the Honkai Impact 3rd X Evangelion collaboration event storyline is fantastic.

The miHoYo writing team really went all out on this.

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“Bloodlust” is a very satisfying word.

“Murderess” too. ❤️🖤

Between the Raspberry Pi Pico and the Pine64 Pineseed/Pinenut, it is fascinating watching SoC customization and design become accessible to more companies.

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Acquired an antenna for ADS-B reasons.

(Small shark for scale.)

i endeavour to make 3d printing as girly as possible

New (fanless!) PoE hats and heatsinks arrived for the Pi nodes in our cluster and they look fantastic.

Very happy with how low profile this UCTRONICS PoE hat is compared to the official Raspberry Pi PoE Hat.


“What is the migration strategy here?”
“Valid, go for it.”

setting a shadowrun campaign in the UK purely so I can canonicalise stupid stuff like:

"The first European corp to gain extraterritoriality was Costa Coffee, by arguing that it owning roughly 80% of the former Essex (now the Republic of Costa) should be considered prior art. They then immediately declared all of its locations to be consulates, for tax reasons."

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Yoga has the surprising ability to fuck you up in a very good way from just a few simple poses.

I dislike the rep it gets, but there is a lot to appreciate here and the focus on the connection between mind and body is ripe for a chuuni angle.

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