Robotic Lawn Mower friend. 🖤

The UK is going to end up with SO MUCH national trauma from this pandemic.

Ah, it must be Hot Girl Summer because it is summer, I am a girl, and I am hot.

No really, I am EXTREMELY hot.

(Please send air conditioning…)

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When I look at a friend’s code.

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hello yes, I would like to introduce you all to my adorable coworkers,

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I will assume that it is hot outside today because it's the International Non-Binary People's Day and nonbinary people are hot.

Sucks that being “horny” means sexual things and not, like, growing demon horns.

That would be much cooler.

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Julian: I'm not 'out of the closet.'
Julian: It's more of a containment breach.

Really nice being able to go to a local game shop and just have a bunch of people enthusiastically teach you about the game and give you advice though. ❤️

I learned a whole ton and had a great evening with people I had never met before.

Oops, I ended up at my local game shop after work and spent money.

Visited my office for the first time today.

All I am allowed to disclose about it is that I am satisfied with the number of plushies, and the proximity to extremely good curry.

Local lads excited to raise awareness that “it” is coming home.

Somehow, car owner groups (in my circle) are better about gender than gamers or tech people.

Just watched a guy get absolutely demolished by his own friends for a comment about women drivers under a Mini with hot pink accents.

And he just backed down and apologised properly‽‽

A reasonable person would just pay car modding shops for “coding sessions”.

I am not a reasonable person.

❌ Taking selfies in a normal mirror.
⭕ Polishing up the hood of your car to take selfies in.

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