So I have this smol Vortex86dx powered mini PC which some of you might have overheard last night I'm installing NetBSD on to have some fun with

1GHz, 586 class, 512MB RAM. In a previous life ran CentOS as a glorified MP3 player

I'm going to stuff a USB stick inside as boot device and put it in my cupboard

Large Plush Deer

@erincandescent I just remembered I have a single core Atom PC sat in my living room. I should do similar... been a loooong time since I used NetBSD

@RebeccaDeersweet this is my first time using NetBSD

I'm finding it very aesthetically pleasing

@erincandescent I cut my teeth on NetBSD way back in early 2000s on a 68030 powered Mac, thems were fun times...

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