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Confirmed: my Twitter is still a smouldering dumpster fire.

Tried to do a simple design project in Inkscape. It worked. I had to Google everything. But it worked.

Trans men are valid and handsome, tbh.

Hey just a reminder, it's encouraged here to tag your content with terms more specific than general phrases like "NSFW" or "Lewd." Let people know what's behind that see more button. Be it genitals or a certain kink or what have you.

It's just a courtesy to make everyone's experience in this space we share a more comfortable one!

‪nobody told me I was a pet in witchsprings 2‬

ahh i just did my dishes yesterday but now there are more dishes!
why does this keep happening?
why does sustenance require receptacles?

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If anyone is interested, she was designed by me and an amazing artist named Reskell (@LokianArts in twitter) and was made by the amazingly talented Sewpoke (

Yeah she has a zipper. I still don't 100% know why we went with that but I thought it was cute so it stayed ;)

Plush Rebecca was a big investment and to be honest I'm slightly scared of cuddling her too much but I feel so safe and content cuddled up to her. She's so soft and cuddly :3

I t also feels slightly odd cuddling 'myself' xD

Did you hear about the British vegan bar where they dropped a glass?

No whey!

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