you've heard of 69, now introducing 66 - the spooning number

I just want to be big and soft for all my friends today :3

"No Nut November" bitch step the fuck up I've been running No Spoons November for 18 years now

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Mornin folks, quick reminder before Christmas advert season really kicks off. Corporations are not your fucking friend no matter how woke or friendly they seem.

*hides over here because Twitter is a dumpster fire*

Hurray! You drank a strange indigo potion that turned you into a masculine pony! #AlwaysChanging

Hello! You drank a strange orange potion that turned you into a latex raccoon! #AlwaysChanging

Hallelujah! You found a cursed trinket that turned you into a plush hyena! #AlwaysChanging

Incredible! You drank a strange violet potion that turned you into a(n) pony! #AlwaysChanging

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