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now that audacity is going off the deep end we can finally leave it behind and start using the *real* power tools

aha czyli to tylko tymczasowa scenografia do tego zjebanego filmu co teraz robią no ja pierdole

A lot of non-Indigenous people around the world are struggling to handle the information coming out of Canada about the residential school program.

Below is a list of resources for learning about the program and closely related topics.

While the unmarked graves may be a shock to many, that is because of the systemic erasure of Indigenous peoples and their voices. It is the intention of the social order to hide this information, and so incumbent on its members to educate themselves. The resources below are *first steps*. There is so much more to learn, and people are bringing new stories every day, because the ethnocide, and resistance against it, still continue each day.



The work of non-Indigenous people now is to share these voices among yourselves (boost this post), and figure out your own relationships to these events. How does your life intersect with the foster care system, the prison complex, the theft of indigenous land? Those answers can't come from a book, but books can be great tools for finding them.


Working to help settler-colonials educate themselves is labour, and doing it now feels extra heavy. Consider giving:$emsenn0

(To those who have kept your recurring donations active even though I haven't been posting: thank you! That's been my grocery money as I get back on my feet after the recent displacement.)

I think I've never been more forcibly struck than today with the realisation that today's Web developers have never used 1980s BASIC systems and just have no awareness that computers used to be things you could both use and program interactively, in the same session.

We've deprived an entire couple generations of children of a basic formative mind-expanding experience of cognitive freedom, and now they're making tools that restrict other people's thought lives and see nothing wrong with that.

take me down to the paradise city
where the catgirls meow
and the femboys run hooters

reposting this but with cw: suicide and kiwi farms 


One of the most esteemed emulation developers, most likely committed suicide today. He was pushed to suicide by online harassment targeting him and his friends for multiple years. This is how the harassers on Kiwi Farms reacted to the news.

I still haven't fully processed what happened today. Near is not someone I talked to a lot, let alone knew personally, but they've always been someone I admired. Their work on bsnes/ares has inspired me and many others to get into emulation and aspire to higher quality work.

I encourage you to read's latest tweets about this to learn more about how online harassment can impact you and other. And how powerless you'll be to make it stop.

suicide, online harassment 

We lost an amazing person in the emulation / retro gaming space last night.

Once more for the folks in the back:

Protip: DJ is a gender neutral title, and you don't even need a graduate degree to use it like with Dr

ok o ile nic nagłego się nie wydarzy to zgodnie z obietnicą na FB Partia Upadku Polski Dorohusk będą od piątku strimy z graniem w DOOMa na miesiąc DOOMy, grzany będzie sigil i doom 64 a potem jakieś wady zobacze jakie

While I thought it was perhaps obvious, a few friends didn't notice.

Nomi comes with a built in rubber pride flag. Convenient, those Avali markings can be.

Well, as a result of the Freenode Fun, #cjdns is now bridged between ,, librarynet, and, as always efnet.
#pkt is bridged between just,, and librarynet.

Apple Music for Android has transcended lossless

-1 bit 0.0kHz NULL

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