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If you have any Sky Viewing Cards from the analog era which look like this -- I'd very much like to buy them from you... I've heard of old satellite dealers who kept stashes of the old Quickstart packs as souvenirs, they'd likely contain these cards.


6 maja 1933 naziści zniszczyli Instytut Seksuologii Magnusa Hirschfelda w Berlinie. był on pionierem w naukowym badaniu ludzkiej seksualności, działał na rzecz legalizacji związków osób tej samej płci, oraz umożliwienia zabiegów afirmujących płeć dla osób transpłciowych

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Next time I'm spec'ing a protocol with a 3-way handshake, I'm totally doing this...

Would anyone be interested in a small (but open for contributions, with filtering by countries) website, covering the trans-friendly options for receiving/spending money?

What is the right place to sell physical art?

i think history would probably be a lot less boring to learn if people stopped fucking colonizing shit and fighting eachother

You should totally trust the rubber space raptor.

Awesome Nomi badge by Likeshine

Copied from darya on Demoscene Discord :catjam:

Dojoe and D.Fox invite you to join us on Sunday, March 7 at 20:00 CET for a live stream on Twitch, where we’ll reveal both the Revision Online 2021 invitation and the Meteoriks 2021 nominees, so mark your calendars, we’re looking forward to seeing you all over at

Never forget how Oxford wanted to open source their vaccine but the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation stepped in and AstraZeneca got exclusive rights.

Nonbinary people, like trees, can be old, young, scarred, unscarred, short, tall, etc.

Many of us are different from each other, but together we are a deep and mysterious forest.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride ..

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