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pitch: cute, COVID-safe drone helmets

I just had a quick look at the binaries of all 3 Linux 4ks/4kexegfxes released at NOVA, and:

* they all use vondehi
* donnerbrenn used blackle's gtk template for 4kexegfxes
* oni_ used '작은 (small)' as a template, which means it's also using smol, norjohe and my synth-on-Linux-hack! (Also good to see smol actually works for other people and not just me, lol.)

So this means our recent efforts to get more Linux 4k tools out are actually helping!

#demoscene - someone will be livestreaming [while ripping to disk] a 2000 Mekka&Symposium PC Demo Compo recording tape! <3

While shiny outfits are definitely an aesthetically pleasing choice, they serve another purpose. If one is prone to rapid size shifts, it's important to have an outfit that can grow with you.

#AptoApril day 8 - Fashion.

Abby by Bukkustuff.
Maple by KRD.
Echo by Hornbuckle.

How to make a squeaky dook, or, one of many ways Static could have happened. Art by Dice

Stay positive and focus on what you can change without the help of authoritarian police brutality and your state recognized privilege! Love y'all! Stay positive!! ♥♥

Look at Wotan. This is him. This is Wotan

That feeling when you feel awful and you wish you'die or not be born at all, and you may lose your job while in debt, and you decide to share this with others, while slowly recovering from all the stress...

Only to be pushed back again.

Thanks for not helping me climb up a cliff the rest of the world pushed me out from.

Hello hi! NFC goers, retweets would be appreciated here.
Yesterday I got food poisoning. As of just now, someone else at NFC contacted me saying they also got food poisoning so I think there might be a real problem here
I've eaten at Max, pizza place @ market, hotel restaurant

Lies in IT:
• Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
• Trivial File Transfer Protocol
• Portable Document Format

In 2020, we need to make PETA pay for their atrocities.
Preferably with death.

Verkehrsverbundtarife sind wie das Patriarchat.
Es gehört abgeschafft!

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