Well, as a result of the Freenode Fun, #cjdns is now bridged between pkt.chat/ , #cjdns2:matrix.org, librarynet, and, as always efnet.
#pkt is bridged between just pkt.chat, #pkt:matrix.org, and librarynet.

Apple Music for Android has transcended lossless

-1 bit 0.0kHz NULL

Fakty TVN (part of Discovery Group) made a pretty nice material about Demi Lovato coming out, inviting some actual non-binary people (Sybil Grzybowskie @mykofanes from Neutral Language Council - the team behind i.a. pronouns.page, and Anton Ambroziak from oko.press).

It has been silently removed. Website returns an HTTP 404 page now. At the time of writing, Atende CDN seems to successfully return the video from the URL saved by web.archive.org: https://n-4-8.dcs.redcdn.pl/file/o2/tvn/web-content/m/p107/v/44cd7a8f7f9f85129b9953950665064d/948d0cb6-69b7-44e1-836f-72baf4bf4f7d-480p.mp4 https://web.archive.org/web/20210522203329/https://fakty.tvn24.pl/fakty-po-poludniu,96/demi-lovato-mowi-ze-jest-osoba-niebinarna,1061387.html

collective’s announcement: https://twitter.com/neutratywy/status/1403829378312818698

I felt bad leaving out nonbinary flag cause, I'm still struggling a bit with gender. but a friend special requested a nonbinary raccoon!

The Freenode saga keeps getting weirder.

Today: Freenode has blocked IRCCloud users from accessing their network.

From IRCCloud's Twitter feed: "We reiterate our recommendation to switch to a network that is secure, reliable, and has respect for the free choices made by the communities it hosts."

This is so utterly boneheaded, it boggles the mind.

You'd think it's impossible to destroy a network that's been around for more than two decades in less than four weeks.

freenode just k-lined all of IRCCloud. Again, intentionally and permanently.

Despite all of the stupid things they've done lately, I stayed connected to there and Libera/OFTC in hopes they'd come to their senses and stop imploding. Guess that comes to an end.

@vfrmedia @cypnk I think in Poland you can still dial 0202122 with username ppp password ppp to get online. This little thing (no signup whatsoever) propelled the country into the Internet era immediately.

obiektywnie najlepsze rozwiązanie kwestii samochodowej: w mieście całkowity zakaz, zasieki jak przeciw czołgom na wjeździe, poza miastem bez ograniczeń ale tak całkiem, można jeździć niezarejestrowanym szmelcem sklejonym na taśmę tyle ile się rozpędzi jak w mad maxie

Treasure hunt victory. Just found a DEC F-11 CPU from Shenzhen. The second-generation of LSI-11, PDP-11 on a chip.

#retrocomputing #electronics #PDP11

new escape room: you are in bed and it's warm and cosy
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