Though he's happily living as a yinglet these days, in another world, Static is still as adorable and dook-ish as ever.

Art by Likeshine

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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Nintendo delisted 250 North American DSiWare games without warning. Even the developers of major titles like Shantae: Risky's Revenge weren't notified.

Here's a complete set of every DSiWare game from every region. Piracy is preservation. Please seed.

Torrent file:

Infohash: d4c0ded1e5060f6a0dccd83696fcff170f1860a7


#Lagrange v1.0 is here.

What's new?
- Remote bookmarks: use links on any Gemini page as additional bookmarks.
- Exporting/importing bookmarks.
- Opening sidebar items in a new/background tab.
- Links with an unrecognized scheme open in the default browser.

as a gear nerd this is way fucking funnier than it has any right to be

Now it's Jake's turn to enjoy Deercember. He should stay like this - I think he's cuter this way.

Art by Hornbuckle

Maybe we humans just WANT magic, we want a world of reclusive bearded wizards speaking unknown languages which alter the fabric of reality.
As soon as we developed computing, we sub-consciously set about making the world we believe in.

When the boredom of lockdown pushes you into joining a piracy group for DEC mainframe software, that's the Show more

I wish people would stop automatically prepending 'lightweight' to Xfce by default. Not that it is not lightweight but the implication usually is that KDE/GNOME isn't. Based on my testing, out of the box i.e. KDE is very 'lightweight' too these days.

I think perhaps 'minimalist' would be a more appropriate term here?

@hamjb @MatejLach I do agree that Xfce isn’t really lightweight anymore, certainly not as is was at its inception, but I am not so sure that “minimalist” is the right word either. As a long-time OpenBox user, something like Xfce does not seem particularly minimalist to me.

@torie peak trans is this pile of synthesizer patch cables


pitch: cute, COVID-safe drone helmets

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