Creative Commons is now in on the NFT scam. The tech industry has really lost any moral compass it may still have had. (via

Saw someone say that dial-up wasn't "usable".

The modern web is the one that is unusable. You open a blank website and it has 478 trackers and runs some javascript heavier than Windows XP.

Some 7 years ago I've been doing rounds, visiting libraries and schools in small towns and villages in Poland, as part of a project aimed at inspiring kids from outside of big cities to do interesting things with their lives (I was talking about hacker culture, for example).

Today I am still receiving occasional seasonal greetings from some of those libraries.

And... it's nice, you know? It's just some nice people from a tiny library somewhere saying hi.

Librarians rock. Libraries rock.

love and adore when people refer to others' inability to pay off debts as a personal mistake. Yes it is a personal mistake that tens of millions of people have made!

It's like an unironic "I would simply not accrue large debts. It would be easy for me"

remember that you are all valid, while I am asleep! 💜

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Hey everyone, great news, John Deere decided to get behind right-to-repair in a big way!

You know, if that law forbidding gatherings with the goals like “propagating homosexuality” actually passes in Poland, there’s only one good option: BE GAY, DO CRIME

@tursiops it's incomparable. Comparing NFTs to physical art is dangerous, I feel, as it adds credibility: "see, you *can* own art".

It erases the mental jump between owning a physical object and sharing its apparition on one hand, and "owning" a digital image and sharing its copy.

And that's a huge difference that needs not be erased.

@rysiek i don't think NFTs can really do that. if they really can, than only as a tiny extension of the plague called intellectual property. i'd wish people were more vocal about _that_ instead.

im my filter bubble, i've never seen a positive mention of them. but i've seen a redfash wanting "all coinbros on the wall" 🙄…

and like technically NFTs aren't really about claiming ownership of artworks, it's more of a solution waiting for a problem.

Apparently Reddit are in the process of turning karma into an ERC-20 token, and my primary thought is

Great, exactly what everyone wanted, an obligation to report every up/downvote they receive to their accountant

@varve copyright in digital era is a broad, complicated subject.

It's what enables CC By-SA and GPL/AGPL (that is: copyleft) licenses to exist and be effective.

On the other hand, in its current form, copyright *creates* the problem of orphaned works, forces artists into the hands of huge gatekeepers, and locks culture down under corporate control.

Rights of *individual* artists need to be respected, but copyright needs to be reformed and brought into the 21st century.

tl;dr #NFT bros are entitled pricks who demand that their misguided understanding of technology is shared by everyone, just because they put their money in this crap.


Take-away: this is laughable, but also dangerous -- they must not be allowed to normalize shunning the "right clickers" or demanding NFTs are treated as "proof of ownership" or whatever.



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