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i think it's pretty sad that i do not own a greatsword

this is a callout post for the coronavirus, i think it's very homophobic of the virus to make countries restrict travel and thus prevent my girlfriend from visiting me

keuhkopussirotta: My life has been so much better ever since I traded my impostor syndrome to brilliant conman -syndrome. Do I deserve anything in life? Fuck no! Will I grasp it anyway? Fuck yes!  My art has never been worth shit, but watch me...

i haven't taken a nap in so long... too many things to do to lose extra awake time...

why is everyone so mean to paimon... she's a nice girl...

i hope the person who designed blåhaj is aware of how much good they brought into the world

On today's RPG Saturday it is time to start a new rpg! Gonna be starting a playthrough of Illusion of Gaia!
Watch at

i wish online videos had separate audio tracks so that i could, for example, watch youtube while playing a game and mute their background music so i can hear my game's audio

found some samyang 2x spicy chicken ramen at a vietnamese shop so i finally got to try it!
it's tasty! decent heat, too!
though definitely not anywhere near my limit :3

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