salaryman goes on a business trip, decides on a career change

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Queer people, reply to this/QRT describing your ideal gender presentation without using the words “feminine” or “masculine”. I’ll start:

- Outfit that makes cishets want to avoid me
- Outfit that makes little queer kids have their “Ring of Keys” moment

also to be serious about this, i feel like almost every show i've seen that started with a monster of the week format has actually deteriorated in quality by moving away from that towards a serious overarching plot
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I hate when people complain about Monster of the Week as a format. A new monster every week? Are you even listening to yourselves?

tbh if i randomly bumped into a live deer that would be one of the high points of my life
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the dangers of not being inside

one big disadvantage of genshin impact compared to breath of the wild is that when you pick up a lizard in genshin you only get the tail, whereas link just grabs the whole lizard

one downside of my pc upgrade i'm noticing now that it's colder: pc no longer as effective as a space heater

idk but from what i've seen so far everybody's just been making incredibly good content with fleets

i wish they released genshin impact on the switch already so i could play it in bed

Ronald McDonald did more for America than Ronald Reagan

mean memes subverted into being nice is one of my favourite things

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