watching ina play nier automata in japanese makes me understand the 9s likers a little bit more

i still don't like him but his japanese actor is at least a bit more sympathetic than the english one

also probably giving up on it for now and just feeding her normally; like i said she does not *need* to restrict her food, and she just refuses to be enriched :P

(i am not letting her go completely hungry, i give her some food outside of the puzzle, about 50/50)

she knows how to use it, she will dig out a few pellets now and then
and she obviously is hungry, because she scarfs down any food i give her outside of it
she'll just rather go hungry than put in any effort

ahhh clippy is such a hardheaded girl

i got her a puzzle feeder - just an attempt to give her more enrichment, not because she eats too much or anything
but she staunchly refuses to work for her food

good fucking riddance????
RT @BIndlovukazi
You maybe posting for fun, but someone out there is looking at your post and be like I can't date this type of person.

looking at the steam deck with cautiously optimistic excitement

i think lidl should be legally obliged to notify my when they are selling sangria so that i can go and buy some

weh i really want to get a new gpu, it's the main thing i didn't upgrade when i rebuilt my desktop and now the old one is really holding me back...
but the gpu market is a mess and i'd probably overpay a bunch if i get one now.....

i know i should be responsible and pay off as much of that debt as i can to lessen its effect on my finances in the future but...
damn it, it's *my* money and it's already less than i think i ought to get, i don't wanna blow it on somebody else's debt that they hung on me...

weh, just got the final paycheck from my last job along with a not-insignificant severance and i'm torn...
i don't know if i should
a) get myself something nice
b) pay off a debt that's not mine but i'm stuck paying it anyway

excuse me windows, but why do your own two weather apps give me different readings

Some fresh parmesan to top it off.

I'd call this pizza noodle soup a success. It does in fact taste like pizza, and it's a soup.

I'm not sure I'd repeat this experiment but I will not forget it. 🍕🍜 #PizzaNoodleSoup

i'm kinda... losing track of what music i even like anymore

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