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If you've ever taken the Rice Purity Test, I made my own version of it. The whole gist is that the questions are now weighted, which should give you a better representation of how pure you are. Try it here and send me your scores!

i have discord running on two computers and a phone and to this day i have now found out how it handles that
my status is always 🦎 which means that i'm a lizard
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what do your statuses mean

i moved my work time forward an hour so i don't have to wake up so early and it's neat except now my day isn't split in half by lunch break anymore so now i have one more hour of work after lunch than i used to sme it suuucks...

i've only had the chance to listen to the first few tracks so far but each of them is absolutely incredible

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Golden Sun: A World Reignited!

• Golden Sun + The Lost Age!
• 2 1/2 hours!
• 37 tracks!
• 42 ReMixers!
• @Orioto art!
• <3 to @MotoisakurabaM!



(looking at quantum foam) see here, it's all spongy. it's no good. you'll have to replace the whole thing

(inspecting the deep structure of time, space, and reality) yup, this is some bullshit alright. it sucks ass

(poking the spacetime continuum with a stick) here's your problem, right here

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