when a gay girl will be back in a bit?

she's a lesbbiab

refreshed a random name generator until i got one i liked
RT @TransOfTheDay
ONCE AGAIN I am asking trans people where they got their names from

pretty apt that this is how @webtoonofficial URLs are formatted because using their site on mobile is certainly a challenge

the forever dilemma between "i want to eat something nicer than a sandwich" and "i don't want to deal with dishes after"

hmm, nier replicant coming out soonish... kinda wanna replay automata before i play it to refresh my memory
would be nice if i could do the ffxiv raids too but that's way ahead of where i am right now on any of my characters

the only way i'd ever unite with a gamer is to raid a bitcoin farm

phew, riding this thing is a bit more involved than i thought

actually first: probably pokemon or some ghibli movie on the tv
first after i knew what an anime was: i think appleseed
first when i actually got into watching anime: i think something about vampires called black blood brothers or something, and that's all i remember about it
RT @TheLookoutRNC
Today is !

Let us know what's the first anime you remember watching.

you know what's good shit?
hexagonal rocks, that's good shit

purposes of cat:
-warm up toes
-yell at ghost (note: this does not frighten or expel ghost)

i really wanna grow some because she really likes it and it's supposedly good for her but i don't wanna give her moldy grass and the gnats are driving us both crazy...

i was being really careful the last time too, just a little bit of water and they still came

wehhh i wanna grow some cat grass for clippy but each time i tried out grew mold if i gave it the slightest bit too much water, and attracted a huge swarm of gnats

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