#109: Butterfly Wing
with :heart_ace: colors

Acrylic pour on 24x30cm canvas. DM me if you wish to acquire it or any of my art


#107: 70s Orange
#108: 70s Purple

Both arts are made from the same mixed colors on one evening poured on 24x30cm canvases.


tiredly wondering how these will turn out in the end wondering what happens when the white on the right canvas will dry out transparent. Hope the canvas underneath was all white, but am unsure about it.

But enough doubting myself, enjoy the arts! <3

I'm gonna let my rest a bunch and bedtime for me.

Need to come up with a title for the left one, somewhat along "mashup extravaganza" or so. The working title of the right one is "Suncell"

finally more happy about my pictures after 3 more re-pours. Let's see how it settles

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