past tech problems: some tech cannot deal with German umlauts

2022 tech problems: some tech cannot deal with the the character 'u'

@JennyFluff türns oüt, even with ünicode some people can still mess things üp


Observed behaviour: "u" gets displayed correctly but "ü" does not.

Developer: "They forgot to fill in the expected behaviour so I'll have to guess."

@samgai my hypothesis: it tries to parse u as \u and fails to parse it as unicode

@JennyFluff @samgai then why is there no other letter with that issue
this is just weird

@efi @JennyFluff @samgai for example \u0107 is #ć. but if there parsing fails, i'd expect to see 􏿮 or �, unless this is a custom parser.

@meena @efi @samgai I've programmed label printers before, they print a square for anything that is not in their charset

@efi @samgai u is in the charset. it's just being… mistreated, by an overzealous parser, or at least that's @JennyFluff's (very plausible) theory.

@JennyFluff The cherry on top is that "Vielen Dank für Ihnen Auftrag" is printed correctly.

I guess the printer was ünhappy about the lack of ümlauts on most of the ü's.

@samgai I assume this was pre-printed, it looked like a form paper fed to a printer

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