@stux those are the people who said at the beginning that "vulnerable people should just stay home"... how do they not understand that they are the vulnerable group now?

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@JennyFluff Indeed.. I feel so ashamed for my country by this..

@JennyFluff Oh yes! But lately I have the feeling the NL leads the path in this anti behaviour :sad_cat: The gab is getting bigger and bigger here

@JennyFluff @stux I think that's what's missing in Poland - we've got actual walk-in vaccination points and people don't use these. We've got so many vaccines and so little amount of people actually want to get it. I'm afraid that such restrictions are the only way.

@netsatan @JennyFluff Same here.. Th chances are here, and plenty for free but still there's soo many resistance 🤔

Even my mother in law.. She works in in the care with elderly people but refuses to take the vaccine :mortyderp:​ We often have many discussions about it but in the end it's her decision. Maybe rules can make her rethink it or just take a different job without the risk of infecting elderly ppl

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@netsatan @stux After I met a (otherwise really nice) antivaxxer that wouldn't vaccinate her toddler, I really think that the common vaccinations need to be mandatory (for everyone who has no medical reason not to be). Same for covid, we're not gonna get rid of that now and this is the only way to not have many many more people get badly sick and die directly or indirectly (because no hospital capacity etc).

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@JennyFluff @stux common vaccinations are mandatory here in Poland and still there's a group of people resisting to vaccinate their children with whatever they can. COVID vacc is not obligatory here unfortunately.

@netsatan @JennyFluff @stux literally the same thing here in the states. I'm getting my booster tomorrow!

The same people here who scream about the government being evil are the ones electing the do-nothings and bad-faith actors into power. Some sort of insane self-fulfilling prophecy or something so they can feel self-righteous in screaming "see, I told you!" as they've burned it all down.

@JennyFluff @stux At this point, vaccine mandates are just about control.

We don't live in monarchies or dictatorships. People have a right to make their own choices about medical procedures. Let them make their choices and deal with the consequences.

COVID-19 isn't going anywhere. The sooner we stop pretending it is, the sooner governments have to stop abusing their authority.

This is just the new PATRIOT act. Soon, they'll want to track everyone's movements 24/7. For safety.

@Bradley_JF @JennyFluff We live in Europe and don't have such a thing... :mortyderp:

Like said, the government isn't some monster or alien.. It's people chosen by us.. Why is this an issue? It's also the law you need to wear cloths in public right? Or is that also a first step to TOTAL control about every single aspect of your life..?

Sorry but I really don't get this way of thinking. What do the vaccine and tracking people have to do with one and another? There's microchips in the vaccine? Sats can track vacinated people? What?

@stux @JennyFluff the issue at stake is bodily autonomy. The State shouldn't be able to force you to undergo a medical procedure that you don't want.

Even if nothing else is in your control, you at least should have rights to your own flesh and blood. That's not the same as putting on pants before going outside.

And the tracking is in the Vaccine Pass apps that are mentioned in the article that you shared. I see this as a first step towards governments normalizing this level of surveillance.

@stux @JennyFluff And with this precedent, what's next? It's ok to jail people who don't get an annual flu shot? The State gets to say who is allowed to have children? That sounds absurd, but in the US, we fought that fight already.

The only business the government should have in healthcare is in providing access, not in demanding compliance.

@Bradley_JF @stux @JennyFluff Indeed the vaccine passes are concerning, in France they’re (insecure) QR codes that you can get printed at a pharmacy, but mandatory vaccination is a thing in France and I’ve never felt controlled by it.

The actual dystopian surveillance enablers are the people who refuse to get vaccinated because they live in a delusion where they could sit at a table and argue about pandemics with a virologist.

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