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I want to work for open source and I don't want to beg for money. I suck at self-advertisement and community building. I have a chronic condition making me all flop for a while and I want to stop stressing about deadlines on freelance work. I wish there was UBI but there's not.

How would I get sufficient funding for open source work, say if I want to do at least 75% open source work?

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as someone who works in and went through drug recovery please please please delete the "they have to hit rock bottom for motivation" trope from your mind

it's not true it's not true in the slightest the earliest someone enters treatment the easier it will go

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Eugene would like his seat back thank you

*meows, nudges their gender off a countertop and into the trash can* :3

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“If we make all jobs pay the same amount, how will we incentivize people to do the jobs no one wants to do?”

“Well, the jobs that no one wants to do already pay like shit and people still do them”

Looking for a 2D animator for a short project! Marginalized folks especially encouraged to apply! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email with your portfolio!

Please boost!

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