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ko-fi, art 

Heya! I try to keep myself busy with acrylic pouring art to feel productive when I am otherwise too exhausted to do brain work. I am short on money for art supplies at the moment and would love if anyone have some spare coins to help me out!

I also have a little "Choose what you pay"-shop where I want to offer the pictures I make:

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staying absence from political and world events 

I want to point something out: I am staying mostly absence of current political issues and horrible things happening in the world and around people in here.

I have only a small percentage of an abled-body person available each day.
I'm not ignoring or not engaging things because I don't care, I just don't have the energy to deal with this. My brain is actually filtering out things that will take mental spoons because it's needed elsewhere.

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asking for money/sponsorship 

I'm suffering from a chronic fatiguing condition for a while now and am not getting out much to hunt for new gigs.
Currently I'm just barely able to get my ends met and this causes me to panic about money too often. If you want and can support me, consider sponsoring me

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I want to work for open source and I don't want to beg for money. I suck at self-advertisement and community building. I have a chronic condition making me all flop for a while and I want to stop stressing about deadlines on freelance work. I wish there was UBI but there's not.

How would I get sufficient funding for open source work, say if I want to do at least 75% open source work?

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Heya, a friend of mine is looking for a job in the Netherlands and wants to relocate there.

Does anyone have a lead?

I almost forgot woke IKEA Switzerland, which used Blahaj to promote the referendum in favor of the legalization of marriage for gay ppl

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Das mag jetzt erstmal merkwürdig klingen, aber: Seid ihr zufällig Eltern und habt in den letzten Monaten (oder auch Jahren) einen neuen Schulranzen für euer Kind gekauft? Ich bin nämlich neulich über Anzeigen für Schulranzen gestolpert und DIE KOSTEN MITTLERWEILE 250 EURO?? Schreibt mir an

wenn ihr Erfahrungen damit gemacht habt oder Gedanken dazu habt!

Four teens on the 21. At least three have visible pride accessories. :heart_pride: :heart_pan:

today in Jenn has a lot of equipment malfunctions:

A thermos that imploded while opening the lid

Acrylic 30x40 cm

🖤​ :nyancat_rainbow:
#robincolors #mastoart

You can check my work here:

And you can support me and help me buy new art supplies:

kinda liked it a bit before the accident, but oh well. Shit Happens.

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meep, my pipette fell into the painting causing an ugly line and I went a bit overboard in trying to fix it

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I'm failing to describe it today, but I think this is kinda cute and :nonbinary:

got the latest masterpiece of fantasy storytelling from Lucasfilms™ Brian Moriarty™ on my mind

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