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help, money, sponsoring 

Heya, if you have a coin or two, I am ending my year with about 1300€ in credit card debt since I have not been doing so well lately.

I person with a chronic fatigue condition and this has sucked a lot the past 2 months and I got kicked out of a gig that would have gotten that money for being too broken.

Kofi (one time or recurring):
or in GH sponsors:

Other ways to help: I sell my physical art on and I can always need free advertisement for it (but please don't spam) as well as exhibition spaces (that can also get a commission on sales)

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Dragon Drop (#134) on 40x40 canvas!

Gosh I love this one so much with its amazing cells and stunning colors.

You can get the original here:

I might offer prints of this one, but I don't have a good idea where to get those yet.

Permalink on my website:

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Hey I started putting up a bunch of my arts on my new etsy shop:

I offer a queer discount which also applies to marginalized people - please DM me!

I generally set my prices to be on the higher side on etsy. Managing all of that, managing shipping, etc is a huge energy investment for me. I have a higher living cost due to having to summon a lot of things due to chronic fatigue - and making photo sand shipping is a lot of work. I estimated that each painting needs about about 2-3h of work for photos, shop, gallery and shipping - which is about how much I spent on these making minus the breaks.

And as of the moment I am writing this, I have not even come close to paying for my materials with art sales and have spent more and more money lately to make this shop happen and to up my production quality.
As always, I appreciate your boosts and support by recommending me to other interested folks! 💜

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staying absence from political and world events 

I want to point something out: I am staying mostly absence of current political issues and horrible things happening in the world and around people in here.

I have only a small percentage of an abled-body person available each day.
I'm not ignoring or not engaging things because I don't care, I just don't have the energy to deal with this. My brain is actually filtering out things that will take mental spoons because it's needed elsewhere.

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*hugs* you see me, you hug me to reboot everytime :(

:blobpats: :blobpats: :blobpats: :blobpats: :blobpats:

Good morning

May you find plenty of reasons to smile.

make good art
have an art accident
try to cover up art accident
go to bed


museum pics, art nudity 

Idk why they put these next to each other but lol

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Liebe Leute, hier noch die #Playlist des gestrigen Abends auf #SchenklRadio. Meat Loaf "Bat out of hell" + "Forever Young" sowie Leo Sayer "Thunder in my Heart" fehlen. Gerne #RT!
#BiBesch die Playlist mit InterpretInnen und Titel sowie Zeitpunkt des Spielens.
Seid ihr nächste Woche wieder dabei?

quote, the office 

"if I get them all depressed, I've done my job"

circus performers be like: my boss fired me today 😔😔😔
out of a cannon!!! 🤡🤡🤡

please return your excess names and pronouns so that there's one available for everyone. thank you!

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Bin gerade am Keller ausreumen, hab hier 8 x 72GB SAS Fetplatten mit Einbaurahmen gefunden.

Kann die jemand gebrauchen ? gegen Porto + Freiwillige Spende ?

Corona, deutsche Politik (--) 

Ich hatte vor ein paar Wochen den "Witz" gemacht das wir Deutschen ja alle paar Wochen neu lernen, was exponentielles Wachstum eigentlich bedeutend.
Nur, der Blick in die Nachrichten verrät, es war gar kein Witz.

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