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I'm suffering from a chronic fatiguing condition for a while now and am not getting out much to hunt for new gigs. Please shout out if you need a remote developer who's very capable in web development (mainly ruby, js) and is currently learning Rust (both small & big projects welcome).

I'd like to do more open source things, even if it pays less. Currently it's not nearly enough to survive. If you want and can support me, consider sponsoring me

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I want to work for open source and I don't want to beg for money. I suck at self-advertisement and community building. I have a chronic condition making me all flop for a while and I want to stop stressing about deadlines on freelance work. I wish there was UBI but there's not.

How would I get sufficient funding for open source work, say if I want to do at least 75% open source work?

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Please don't censor words with asterisks it fuck with people's filters

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isp support back then: You are in a phone waiting loop, waiting for a human

isp support now: You are in a chat waiting loop, waiting for a human

welp, I just ordered a bunch of stuff off fscking amazon that I would usually buy in a local store because I need it and I am so very broken.

Feels bad.

I updated my badge again, today is not good :(

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A couple of days ago I saw a thread going around, encouraging people to buy from disabled crafters this Christmas, so here's my #queer/trans/disabled contribution!

I make #zines and #Pride flag handwarmers. Β£15 + P&P from the UK to anywhere. :)


Kitty says: it's too early for Caturday ~yaaawwn

Mag jemand heute Nachmittag kostenlos (Freifahrtgutschein) mit der Bahn von Berlin nach Karlsruhe mit? :D

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Ah beans, I started HRT and took catgirl pills to prove a point but now I'm just cuddled up on my new lesbian gf's lap and I never want to go back

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