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I want to work for open source and I don't want to beg for money. I suck at self-advertisement and community building. I have a chronic condition making me all flop for a while and I want to stop stressing about deadlines on freelance work. I wish there was UBI but there's not.

How would I get sufficient funding for open source work, say if I want to do at least 75% open source work?

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Fans des #bellaminettes, « Test PCR n°6 » sera l’ex-libris du mois (et les originaux à gagner) pour qui me soutient aux niveaux correspondants avant fin janvier sur, alors si vous aimez les Petites Culottes à Rayure, profitez-en ! ;)
#art #illustration #aquarelle #sexy #lecture #roman #saintvalentin #Tipeee

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Thanks for watching everyone who stayed with my stream tonight 💜

"You’re invited to be a Twitch Affiliate" \o/

Yay I can now earn a few cents streaming art!

aiming to start streaming at 20:15 CET / 19:15 UTC

Today and next week I'm going to pour on a Lamp-Black Canvas.

Hey I need ~4 viewers watching today so I can stop being anxious about reaching twitch affiliate status; if people could tune in (let it be to just run it in the background) that would be awesome 💜

hey, these new felt keyrings & pins are up on my etsy! 100% of the proceeds from these are going towards @/softxprince (on IG) bc they're fundraising for top surgery!! boosts super appreciated!!! etsy link in my bio, prices are sliding scale :) #CreativeToots #MutualAid #sewing #handmade

Be the change you want to see in the world.

fuck the rules

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