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I want to work for open source and I don't want to beg for money. I suck at self-advertisement and community building. I have a chronic condition making me all flop for a while and I want to stop stressing about deadlines on freelance work. I wish there was UBI but there's not.

How would I get sufficient funding for open source work, say if I want to do at least 75% open source work?

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I need a thing for my mastodon page to track who's HUG_OK without having to ask every time.

All my music is now Pay What You Want.

I have this theory that Monetizing My Hobbyℒ️ has sucked all the joy out of it. It changed my mindset from "here's a thing I made, pay if you want" to "here's a thing I made, please pay me for it."

This hasn't worked for me. It doesn't get me the tools I need, and I can't make what I want in that mindset with my current tools. We'll see what happens.

Boost appreciated.

first success of having an erp for groceries: I know exactly what I needed to order

can someone go to the kitchen and make me more tea?

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mew, this kitten needs to be sleeping kitten furball.

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