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I'm going to donate 50% of all my art sales to a humanitarian charity via a company that doubles my donation (i.e. google doing this at the moment), until 30.4.2022.

I charge 0.4€ per cm² including shipping to Europe (I need 20€ more for most international shipping locations. I do not ship to Russia). This applies to all pictures listed as "available" on my gallery:

This means that if you buy a 30x30cm painting for me, You're paying me 360€. I will donate 180€ to the company that doubles it and pays out 360€ to charity.

DM me if you have any questions or inquiries.

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Dragon Drop (#134) on 40x40 canvas!

Gosh I love this one so much with its amazing cells and stunning colors.

You can get the original here:

I might offer prints of this one, but I don't have a good idea where to get those yet.

Permalink on my website:

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Hey I started putting up a bunch of my arts on my new etsy shop:

I offer a queer discount which also applies to marginalized people - please DM me!

I generally set my prices to be on the higher side on etsy. Managing all of that, managing shipping, etc is a huge energy investment for me. I have a higher living cost due to having to summon a lot of things due to chronic fatigue - and making photo sand shipping is a lot of work. I estimated that each painting needs about about 2-3h of work for photos, shop, gallery and shipping - which is about how much I spent on these making minus the breaks.

And as of the moment I am writing this, I have not even come close to paying for my materials with art sales and have spent more and more money lately to make this shop happen and to up my production quality.
As always, I appreciate your boosts and support by recommending me to other interested folks! 💜

Think Ill start a ‘trans for over 30s’ group

There is not much in terms of things for people in their 30s, especially something that *doesnt* involve alcohol etc

If you live in the Leeds area, in your 30s, trans & need a meet-up for yourself to meet others

Please boost & share so others can see & hopefully boost. I wanna get a gage on here as well as check a few other places & see if there are more folks who need something like this

#trans #supportnetwork #networking #boost #share #LGBTQIA

Why is it still summer, I'm personally offended 🥵

Needing help at the end of this month. Need 250 to cover insurance and my electric bill. Trying to do deliveries but been a slow week and doing deliveries cancels out my unemployment benefits too. Anything helps.$fillertrack
venmo: fillertrack

Request for input from blind programmers 

Saw a tweet saying that tabs work better than spaces when you're using a braille display

Seems logical, but this information doesn't seem to be coming from a blind person, so I thought I'd check

Which form of #Python indentation is more accessible to you?

(sighted people: don't vote, be patient)

#accessibility #programming

Today's loadshedding oil pastel. From photo ref, 25ish mins on A5 size Canson 160g sandpaper with Paul Rubens and Sennelier oil pastels. ^.^

#MastoArt #OilPastels #PastelPosse

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I might finally have a job in the next little while, so hopefully won't have to do this much longer, but as it stands I still don't have enough income to pay rent again for next month, so if anyone can help out at all it would be much appreciated

💜 Thank you very much for any boosts or donations

Morning sketch stream results!

I'm going to keep drawing them and nobody can stop me.

(Sorry this one was a little late out the door. Forgot to post it right after the art stream!)


Hugging stuffed animals 🧸 is underrated. Go hug your favorite plushie today! 🫂

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