Polygon and the Verge are both Vox Media outlets. Vox workers are currently attempting to unionize and they've just announced a work stoppage. Don't support Vox until the union gets their contract and their demands or met. That means if you support BDG and Pat and all yr other polygon crushes then you won't go watching their polygon vids until Vox Union announces their victory

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Me: I'm not even slightly egg

Also me: dissociates just from someone referring to me by my preferred pronouns

*curls up into bed in increasingly concentric circles, arms reaching out and dragging everyone within range into the flesh pile*

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this halloween im dressing up as the scariest thing i can imagine

a white cis het man who's an open source software and free speech activist

if one of you spoils the undertale thing i swear to god i will find u

@embr I'm gonna have to take my phone in for repair, any backup advice?

One day I really hope to make a game as emotionally affecting, resonant, and nostalgic-feeling as 2B’s butt

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None pizza with left beef was posted 9 years ago today, October 19th, 2007. Happy birthday none pizza with left beef.

any group of three or more straight men is called a podcast

Me: I'm going to confront my problems head on and accept criticisms better

Other People: either never bring it up or ignore the issue completely


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