doctor gave me these pills for sleep but think she accidentally gave me pills that make u shitpost good

[youth pastor voice] are you kin with our lord and savior Jesus Christ?

tommy wiseau is fictkin w/ dracula prove me wrong :wiseau:

Touch starved? Dying for attention? Have you got a burning need just to be loved by another person?

Mood. Same.

:promoted: Promoted

she was trying to explain a fight scene from kill bill 2 to me and she grabbed my throat and my flight response kicked in so hard my soul almost left my body and also maybe i got a boner

@HAL think i may have been subconsciously drawn to such a deadly woman because i could not fight my way out of a wet paper bag

inside jokes are great

for example my gf will say “i am an npc” and i will respond “help me jesus” in a kermit the frog voice

lesbians who are good at sucking dick are extremely valid

shout out to my brain for letting me sleep two hours then waking me up and not letting me go back to sleep despite still be tired fuck oyu take these pills binch

which r u

hdmi 1
hdmi 2
hdmi 3

just amazing that little Caesar's choose no words to advertise their pizzas with other than "hot" and "ready"

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