This account isn’t dead I’ve just been kidnapped by the Homestuck Gang and spend most my time on @ShotgunKnight .

Yeah I guess I’m an Ubuntu user now, not that I hardly use my actual PC for anything anyway. Any advice?

@HAL update: welp i think I fucked up my computer all I did was uninstall ms office but ok

why do store bought computers have to come with so much garbage pre installed in literallt sitting here uninstalling all this shit slowing down my computer that I will never use and that’s after resetting and removing all my old files

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“Seeking Intern” :blobcat_mlem:
“Undergraduates Only” :skyrimformastodon:

So I am going to have a chat with a recruiter that found me on linkedin in about half an hour. It’s a strange confidence boost when someone approaches you about a job instead of the other way around.

from elsewhere...

"Video games allow us to do and experience things that are completely impossible in real life"

( screen capture from a video game that says: You awaken feeling Well Rested )

mostly this is about my mom flipping out over me getting a job post graduation when it’s been literally 1 month

they wouldnt even fucking care about this sort of thing if I was a cis dude but whatever

god letting it slip that I’m non-monogamous to my parents is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done they could put up with me being queer but they just think I’m disgusting now

it also slipped out that I’m poly and my family just thinks im some sort of gross sex fiend or something

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Gonna invent my own binary genders:

White linen and glow frog

Vial of ash and old book smell

A sunset in the rain and a hole in your memory

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