feeling less and less grown up lately when it comes to responsibility

i mixed up meat and meet once in a text based tabletop rpg setting and now my brain always mixes the two up even when reading, what the hell

Had pizza with my girlfriend for dinner :3

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time for bed.

remember these words of wisdom:

gay moms.


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wanna fall asleep in @NicoleTheLizard@twitter.com 's arms

Is there any way to get this heartpiece?

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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life


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A dragon landed outside the village. "Feed me," it demanded.
The elders conferred, then one stepped up. "What do you wish to eat?"
"Eh? Nobody has ever asked... What is there, apart from what every village feeds me?"
"Er... We have potatoes?"
"Then feed me these 'potatoes'!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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it's been a long while since I did memes

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