Hey, people that have already played FE3H, how much is Byleth supposed to be a self-insert and how much do they have their own character? I'm a bit unclear on that right now...

Most DnD groups (probably, i actually don't know): We just killed a giant!!
Us: We just befriended a giant!!

girlfriend soft and good
...i miss her

we have finished baking the cake!!!!!!

i'm baking cake with girlfriend on our anniversary!

I'm gay and I love soft girlfriend

girlfriend made curry and it already smells good!!!!

Traveling to my girlfriend!!!!!!

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Is there anyone else I know that still plays FFXIV and has a character on Ultros or a different world in the Primal datacentre?

it's pizza with girlfriend time!

yay, i woke up next to lizard girlfriend

currently listening to Golden Slaughterer

This cute dragon was finally released out of customs!!!
Thank you @Fawnduu@twitter.com

feeling less and less grown up lately when it comes to responsibility

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