I love when friends are really excited about something

sometimes i wish to interact more with friends but i don't know how to interact because the "typical" conversation starters (i.e. "how's the weather?") are just meaningless to me

instead of brain there is starlight and it's @ForgivenLeyLine 's fault (thank you from the bottom of my heart)

lrt oh shit the guy who reacted to all the ffxiv tracks with a lot of musical knowledge behind him is combining one winged angel and kirby tracks

3. If I have to go out frequently i gravitate more towards fall but otherwise i like the aesthetic of a snowy winter. Summer is out because it's too warm and spring is out because i'm allergic.

2. In the general direction of ice cream. I have a recipe somewhere that combines vanilla ice cream with some strawberries and some cinnamon on top, that's really good

1. Usually as is, though there are times where i feel like adding some sugar

Hey for once i feel like doing one of these

seeing friends being gay gives me energy

Hey, I'm checking out the newly launched deckbuilder/visual novel hybrid Quantum Protocol! Watch at twitch.tv/elina_satori

Gonna be continuing Illusion of Gaia now, watch at twitch.tv/elina_satori

On today's RPG Saturday it is time to start a new rpg! Gonna be starting a playthrough of Illusion of Gaia!
Watch at twitch.tv/elina_satori

I'm streaming some more Slay the Spire! Will I manage to get a clear with Defect? Find out at twitch.tv/elina_satori

okay so I haven't really been playing a lot of Minecraft in the past week, which means I haven't gathered enough stuff to be able to do an interesting stream of the current modpack I'm playing

day is indeed too busy for me so I'm calling off today's stream, sorry about that

Today is quite busy for me so I can't yet promise if today's stream is gonna happen, I apologize in advance in case I don't stream today

I'm live with Slay the Spire today! This'll be my first serious run as Defect, come watch at twitch.tv/elina_satori

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