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I am just completely blown away by this amazing arrange that made of Sunfire from Create.swf Adventures. It's just. AAAAAA!

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That's pretty gay.
One might even say it's... queer af

anyway, gonna go out and do a grocery as fast as I can

at this point what is even the POINT of not being some sort of magical inhuman entity

I have exactly one extant RP character who is cis, and even then she's an AI made from a brain-scan of a trans woman

... genuinely not sure whether I slept badly, or if it's just Like That because I always feel worse when I sleep well after sleeping badly

Anyone else remember this iconic moment from Metal Gear Solid? Gives me chills to this day.

python: duck typing
c: luck typing
javascript: what-the-fuck typing

mrgh, good "woke up way too early again" morning z.z

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