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currently really feeling like slinking backwards away from birdsite

when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

Have you taken your meds? Don't worry, I took 'em for you.

This is the last time I say "ok, sure" when they schedule a morning appointment.

good morning, I woke up 10 minutes after I was supposed to be already at a doctor's appointment and then they marked me as a no-show so I had to reschedule, whee z.z

Anyway, that's the specific extemporaneous reason I'm sleep-deprived today, G'MORNING~ z.z

the microwave's clock said 9:06 when I set the time this morning. ce0Ni.

The time paradox ... has happened. It is now an hour earlier than it was 24 hours ago.

i envision a world where there are *positive* stereotypes about trans women. i want people to look at me in the street and go

"daaaaammmmnn she probably has really good toots"

... oh, great. my paternal grandmother is in the hospital. that's ... swell.

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