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men want a cute catgirl but are entirely unprepared for having a woman sleep until noon, lie on all the soft things she can find and demand to be fed and petted constantly.

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sit down. you're good. would you like tea and a headpat? :blobcatcoffee:

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i'm sorry ma'am. you've been diagnosed with Valid

... mrgh one of the earpieces just snapped off my glasses for no reason x.x

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broke: web browser
woke: web Bowser
bespoke: web Bowsette

you go on a coffee date with a cute girl. she asks to sit by a power outlet so she can plug herself in

you start talking about her favourite anime/manga, and she gets so excited that she trips the circuit breaker for that part of the store

Make it a part of your OCs canon that they are a digital entity that lives on the web through online interactions. That makes them real

mrphg. woken up way too early by Noisy Stuff Right Outside My Window z.z

"Did you mean 'Little Red Riding Hood' (the character) or 'little red riding hood' (the article of clothing)"

My brain is trying to mash up Despacito with Bring Me To Life

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