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Electric Cat will possess the autonomous battle robots that surround the arena and send them after you one at a time in a seemingly endless wave. The only way to defeat her is to reset your console in the middle of the fight. After doing so, when you start the game up again it'll skip the loading screen and go back to where you were before, except the robots will be broken and Electric Cat herself will be slumped over. She'll give one last speech about how she just wanted to transcend her birth, and then fall over dead.

wheeee, managed to just run myself ragged on my bike .........

got burger, tho

The “ah, the N genders” meme never seems to grow old, and I think that’s beautiful

yay good morning, my phone somehow managed to end up with its battery completely drained last night ...

Okay, I'm basically done with the oversaturation of manga and anime about Lesbian Schoolgirls and Ambiguously-Gay Schoolgirls, can I have some genre fiction now?

(Must be actually textual, not just subtext and "she's my FRIEND", also asking for something that isn't *gross* is just pushing this into being straight-up unreasonable)

tired: hitting on someone by asking "so, what's your sign?"
wired: hitting on someone by asking "so, what's your damage?"

what the machine says: "Please contact the administrator if you think this is a mistake."

what the machine means: "if u don't like it, fite me"

A machine that can turn any human into a cat? 

This gave me paws.

I feel like one of the starkest demonstrations that Sailor Moon was such a genre-maker was the fact that in-universe, everyone refers to the title character as a "superhero."


i've been on these pills for a year and wow I feel like a cute girlfriend

when you post puns it’s 

corny on main


Imagine four instances on the edge of a cliff. Say a direct copy of the instance nearest the cliff is sent to the back of the line of instances and takes the place of the first instance. The formerly first instance becomes the second, the second becomes the third, and the fourth gets defederated.

Federation works the same way.

I get the feeling that anime writers have never seen a cat in their life.

How they imagine cat girls: "I shall do whatever you please, master! And now some bare tiddies for your pleasure."

How a cat girl would probably act knowing how cats act: "I want McDonalds, asshole! Go to the drive thru! Now! Do it!"

Trans culture is thinking every other trans person looks cuter than you.

I wonder how much MakoAmi content there is -- *runs facefirst into a scene from the 90s anime where Makoto complains that someone as tall as her doesn't get asked to a dance, and Ami immediately asks her for a dance*

time for bed.

remember these words of wisdom:

gay moms.


tales of symphonia playthrough 

me: *apologizes for my fragile mental health as a result of transition-related stress*

my friends:

Shlock's Theorem: given enough time to run indefinitely, any given webcomic will eventually become a metacosmic war game with infinite stakes

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